Mora Backs Vick Comeback

Rob StatonCorrespondent IJune 11, 2009

RICHMOND, VA - AUGUST 27:  Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick makes a statement to reporters at the Omni Richmond Hotel after agreeing to a guilty plea on charges stemming from his involvement in a dogfighting ring August 27, 2007, in Richmond, Virginia.  (Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images)

Seahawks head coach Jim Mora backed Michael Vick's campaign to be reinstated today, stating, "I believe he's paid his debt to society."

Currently in limbo awaiting a final decision from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Vick worked with Mora for three seasons in Atlanta.

Upon completion of a 23-month sentence on July 20th, the No 1 pick from the 2001 draft will hope for another shot in the NFL.

Speaking as the Seahawks began a final three day mini-camp, Mora was reluctant to discuss the issue in detail.

He appeared awkward when posed the question on Vick's future and made a point of ruling out any potential second chance in Seattle.

"It's a sticky situation, one I'm not comfortable talking about."

"We are very happy with the quarterbacks we have on our roster. We have no intentions of adding another player to our roster at this time."

After a moment's thought, Mora retracted the 'at this time' to put an end to any speculation.

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"Just cut out the 'at this time,' because then people will speculate for the next three months."

"We have no intentions of adding a quarterback to our roster."

Nevertheless, Mora lends his support to those who say Vick shouldn't be prevented his shot at a comeback.

Recently Falcons owner Art Blank made similar sentiments.

"I believe in second chances, I believe in redemption."

"I have indicated that I would do anything that I can do on a personal level that would be constructive and productive for Michael, and that still hasn't changed."

Like Mora though, Blank has made it clear Vick has no future with his franchise.

If Vick is reinstated, whichever team (if any) gives him his second chance - they'll be taking a huge gamble.

It's not just the enforced absence from the game; the question of whether he deserves another chance at all prominently remains.

It may be telling that both Mora and Blank have distanced their respective teams from offering that olive branch to Vick, in spite of their recent endorsements.