2009 Philadelphia Eagles Coaches: The Hit Makers

josh davisContributor IJune 10, 2009

Eagles coaching staff as been one of the strongest in NFL history. Being that most coaches that are here now have been with the club for a long number of years, or the ones that have left have flourished within the league.

As this is a bio of the coaching staff, let's start at the top.

Head Coach-Andy Reid.

As an NFL coach, Reid started with the offensive line and tight ends at Green Bay, under Mike Holmgren in 1992. He was in that position until 1997, when he became the quarterbacks coach. What QB did he tutor? Brett Favre.

But Reid first worked with Holmgren at BYU. Where Holmgren was the QB coach.

During his tenure as offensive line coach, Holmgren put a "supervisory tag" on him, stating no one could consider hiring him as anything except a head coach, that is, without permission.

After coaching the quarterbacks with Green Bay from 1997-1998, he began his first, and for now only, head coaching job with Philadelphia.

Working with Holmgren, and knowing that most of his proteges ended up with head coaching jobs, I am sure that is why the same has happened for former members of Andy's coaching staff.

Asst Head Coach/ Offensive Coordinator - Marty Mornhinweg

Mornhinweg Started his professional football coaching career at Green Bay as well. In 1995 he was the offensive assistant/quality control guy. The next year, he went on to quarterbacks.

From there he went to offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers from 1997-2000.
In 2001, he began his stint as head coach for the Detroit Lions, which lasted two seasons.

In 2003, he joined the Philadelphia Eagle coaching staff as the senior assistant. And in 2004, he took over the position he holds today.

Defensive Coordinator - Jim Johnson

Coach Johnson started his professional football coaching career in the USFL, where he was the defensive coordinator for Oklahoma, and Jacksonville, in 1984 and 1985 respectively.

In 1986 he made his jump to the NFL to the then-St. Louis Cardinals as defensive line and defensive backs coach. After eight seasons with the Cardinals he moved on to be the defensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts, where he stayed until 1997.

In 1998 he joined the Seattle Seahawks staff as linebackers coach. The next year he became the defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Which is where he is still today, as the Minister of Defense.


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