Orlando Magic Vs. L.A. Lakers: Game Three Running Diary

General PeppersCorrespondent IJune 10, 2009

ORLANDO, FL - JUNE 09:  Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers is introduced before the start of Game Three of the 2009 NBA Finals against the Orlando Magic on June 9, 2009 at Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida.  NOTE TO USER:  User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

I enjoy when writers do running diaries of games and add in their own opinion at certain intervals, so I decided to do one myself.


Quarter One

Kobe Bryant.

That's all that needs to be said.

17 points and three assists, hitting shots from all angles, and was seen getting swatted going to the hole only to execute a picture perfect four point play with the clock winding down.

This feels like a 50 point night.  If he keeps this up 3-0 is inevitable.

Quarter Two

11:30—Here come the benches.

Pietrus posts up the much smaller Vujacic and has his way with him. If Stan Van Gundy was smart, he would abuse this for the rest of the quarter. Pietrus can post up Walton or Vujacic with ease.

Stay tuned for more on this.

11:00—Jameer Nelson is called for his second travel. He really shouldn't be seeing too many more minutes. Rafer Alston is playing out of his mind and is a very touchy player. Alston needs his minutes, and Jameer Nelson should play 10-15 minutes a game and that's it.

9:40—Luke Walton seems intent on making up for his three straight poor series by playing rather well against the Magic. Since his entrance, he has made a nice pass to Odom for a three-point play, driven and kicked for easy passes to Farmar, and driven to the basket for easy buckets.

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The Lakers bench is strong for this reason; someone always seems to have a great game, whether it's Vujacic heating up from deep, Farmar's flashes of brilliance, or the more recent emergence Shannon Brown.

8:20—With Kobe emerging from the bench, the Magic are going all-out to double-team him the second he touches the ball.

This creates open passes for the now hot Farmar.

If the bench can keep up the good shooting, Kobe can continue to pass.

That's when this team is at it's best.

8:00—Ever play the old NBA Jams?

Ever have both teams catch team fire and watch guys make shots from all angles and do double-dunks where their heads touch the roof?

That is this game right now as the Magic rotate around to a wide open Hedo Turkoglu for three.

7:36—Bynum airballs an open shot.

We just gave him a $60 million extension.


6:23—Pietrus with a clear double dribble. He then complains about the refs, which is, at this point, like sleeping with Paris Hilton and then complaining that you got an STD.

Redundant at this point.

6:00—Orlando Magic:19-of-25 shooting. 76 percent from the field. Down by one.

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for a classic.

This is what people want to see in an NBA Finals.

For everyone complaining about "No Lebron vs. Kobe," for everyone saying "These Finals will be boring"...politely do as the Rock tells you and, "Shine your shoes up real nice and stick 'em straight up your candy asses!"

5:07—The Magic. Won't. Miss. Forget NBA Jam, this is like Tecmo Bo Jackson vs. QB Eagles.

3:29—The Magic. Won't.  Miss.

This Dwight Howard commercial is hilarious.

Best of the playoffs.

Youtube it if you missed it.

It's a weird situation though. On one hand, we have the most charismatic superstar since Shaq, hell, perhaps even more so.

Yet, his childish nature, which most pass of as a mere facade for his hunger to win, seems to truly detour it.

I don't want vanilla superstars like Jordan and Tiger, but I kind of wonder if Dwight will ever be able to balance the two.

2:25—Bad offensive foul call on Rashard Lewis followed by Pietrus biting on the pump fake once again. Pietrus is two years away from a Defensive Player of the Year nomination, but he is still making small mistakes at this point.

(On a side note, Kobe refuses to pass it to Bynum. This is looking like 2007. Lakers gave this guy a $60 million extension. Lakers fans weeping blood continues.)

1:23—The PG situation in this game is remarkable.

Alston comes back from two bad games, in which he didn't get enough time, and plays his butt off. Fisher returns from looking like the PG version of Ilgauskas and hits clutch shots.

Fun stuff.

1:12—The Magic. Won't. Miss.

And by Magic, I mean Rashard Lewis.

Man he's good.

(Several writers have hit on this point, but I feel I must add in: Can Seattle sports fans be any closer to the edge at this point?

The Seahawks watch as their top WR gets injured and their defense drops to one of the league's worst. The Mariners are the MLB's laughing stock and are possibly trading the only saving grace in Ichiro. Washington and Washington St. football were piss poor, and basketball wasn't much improved. One of college football's best prospects in years, Taylor Mays, even left home to go to U.S.C.

And, worst of all, they lose the Sonics and future superstar Kevin Durant. Or so you thought. Former slacker Rashard Lewis has transformed into an unguardable monster. Yikes!)

9.1—The Magic finally expose the poor Pick-and Roll-defense of Bynum.

Ironically, this time, it was a charge.

Again, Paris Hilton.

The Magic go into halftime shooting 75 percent and up five. I don't think they can keep this up, but I'll be damned if it isn't exciting!

Penguins 2-Red Wings 1

The Guins are my hockey team, so I just thought I would take the time to cheer them on here for all the NBA/NHL fans out there.

Quarter Three

10:15-How different are the Finals last year with Trevor Ariza guarding Paul Pierce?

9:29—Pau Gasol is in a fight with Hakeem Olajuwon for the prettiest post moves since Kevin Mchale.

9:01—There needs to be a stat for players who are forced to shoot shots with the clock winding down. Guys like Kobe/Pierce/Durant/Dirk need this stat.

7:32—Defense in my NBA Finals get the hell outta here!

As I write this, Ariza pulls for three and the Magic grab an easy two. This isn't the Suns putting up 125 points kind of offense. This is two good half-court teams just working their systems.

6:10—My biggest problem with these Lakers has and always will be their lack of hustle. Trevor Ariza is the only person out there acting like he cares. He's getting paid this offseason.

Can you say, "Mid Level Exemption"?

Lakers should be thankful he settles for just that.

4:23—I haven't written much about Dwight Howard this game. I'm not sure if Bynum's defense is even that great. He keeps getting great position, but he seems lethargic and lacking energy when he's not getting dunks.

Weird situation.

4:11—Kobe gets a Magic defender to foul him for the 99th time on a pump fake.

Inexperience vs. Experience.

Always fun to watch when you're cheering on the experience.

3:51—Jameer who?

Skip to My Lou (Alston) is out. I always thought he should use more of his streetball handles. They energize the crowd and team and work more than you would expect.

2:21—Rashard Lewis. Won't. Miss.

I hope Kevin Durant is watching what happens when you put on muscle.

He's this with a better shot.

28.3—81-75 Orlando. Shooting 66 percent through three quarters.

This is scary.

I'm expecting a big quarter from Kobe.

This is going to be a great game.

Quarter Four

11:39—When Tony Battie is hitting long jumpers, it does not bode well for teams doubling Howard.

10:33—Hedo hits a sick step back and the Magic are shooting 66 percent still.

Imagine if Hedo was this good when he was on the Kings.

Man that team was loaded.

9:58—Odom gives you his standard "drive to the basket for the pretty bank shot" that you will never see for the rest of the game.

Frustrating to say the least.

8:46—Pietrus with a ridiculous fadeaway.

Have I mentioned the Magic are now shooting 67 percent?

8:12—Odom just realized, "Whoa...I can post up Rashard Lewis whenever I want."

Let's watch him forget in 15 seconds.

7:13—Turkoglu marks up for one of those three-point shots that makes you say "if he hits this, the game is OVER."

He missed.

Collective sighs of relief can he heard along hundreds of thousands of bandwagons everywhere.

Phil Jackson has finally decided to let Farmar run the court late. When Farmar is hot, Fisher can't hope to compete at this age. Fisher will come in after this timeout, but Farmar gave him a much needed rest.

6:00—Lakers down five.

Kobe hasn't started yet.

Magic are still playing NBA Jam.

Cleveland is quickly becoming as irrelevant as Audrina now that she's off the Hills.

(She's five months away from a crappy scary movie ala Wax House, in which people will cheer her gorey death like it was the capture of Osama.)

5:52—Gasol vs. The Defensive Player of the Year in the post is a mismatch for Gasoll. The Lakers are literally trying to get them isolated on the blocks.

I still think Lebron should have won the award.

Battier even.

No one wanted to match up one on one with Mutombo or Wallace.

5:08—Mickael Pietrus will be getting a monster contract from somebody soon. He's the total package. A younger James Posey is what he reminds me of.

3:11—How many times will the referee under the basket not see what's going on under the basket?

—Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton.

1:06—Rashard. Lewis. Won't. Miss.

28.6—Mickael Pietrus will be getting a big contract soon.

I repeat...Big contract soon.

0.05—Pietrus for MVP of this game.

Good win by Orlando.

Nothing to really say.

Orlando Magic kept up the fantastic shooting. They finished the game with 63+ percent shooting.

Very impressive.

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