2009 NBA Draft: The Night That Changes Everything, Pt. 1

Brad LeClair@beerad87Correspondent IJune 8, 2009

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The NBA Draft has been a starting point for nearly every NBA Basketball player.

It is here, where the player is introduced to the basketball world.

It is also here, where the scouting and skills of the scouts and general managers of NBA teams are put to the test.

Will your GM find a hidden gem such as Carlos Boozer, Gilbert Arenas, or Rashard Lewis? Or will they pick duds like Michael Olowokandi, Rafael Araujo, and Nikoloz Tskitishvili.

The future success of many teams in the coming NBA seasons is usually predicated by a good showing at the draft, and with that, we will get started.

No. 1 Overall—Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers here select the consensus No. 1 pick in SF/PF/C Blake Griffin. Granted the Clips have a glut of PF/C on the team, there is talk that Griffin may play some SF if they choose to select him.

With Kaman, Randolph, Camby, and Thornton already there for the PF/C rotation, one could expect some fireworks with the Clippers come draft night. They may trade one of these guys and acquire another mid first round pick to help round out a fairly weak back court.

Well that's a route I would take.

No. 2 Overall—Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies select SG James Harden second overall. There is talk about PG Rubio not wanting to play in Memphis. With that, rather than have to deal with the headaches of a Rubio situation, they take quite possibly the second best NCAA player in the country.

Harden is a hard nosed player in the mold of Manu Ginobili. He can pass, shoot, and create, and makes all of his teammates better. What better player for a struggling Grizzlies franchise.

No. 3 Overall—Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder, already having Westbrook and Watson at PG, have decided to pass on Rubio and select the most intimidating defender in the NCAA. The Thunder Select C Hasheem Thabeet third overall.

Already with a glut of backcourt talent, the Thunder add a defensive force in Thabeet, who will not only improve the team's defense, but will also allow the team to play more fast-break basketball, which will allow Kevin Durant to do his thing in the open court.

No. 4 Overall—Sacremento Kings

This is the most anticipated pick right now, and the Kings make no mistake and select their possible franchise PG in Ricky Rubio.

The Kings have lacked a quality PG ever since they lost Mike Bibby to the Hawks. Rubio will bring back some of the Rick Adelman Kings qualities to the team—open court basketball, creative passing, and in your face defense.

No. 5 Overall—Washington Wizards

This pick has been rumored to being dangled by the Wizards. From what I heard, they will deal the pick if a player they like either is picked early, or doesn't fall to them.

Since I cannot predict that, I will select the player that best fits their team. The Wizards go slightly off the board and select PG/SG Tyreke Evans. The Wizards, who had Dom McGuire playing SG for them this past year, have added a quality piece who is best used in the open court.

No. 6 Overall—Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota's roster may possibly be the weakest in all of basketball, so adding the best talent available is best for them.

Here, despite already having bigs such as Kevin Love and Al Jefferson, the T-Wolves select PF/C Jordan Hill. Hill is considered a very good rebounder, but a project big, who will need some time and grooming before he's a force. What better way than to come off the bench in a low pressure environment such as Minnesota.

No. 7 Overall—Golden State Warriors

Do the Warriors pick for need or the best player available?

That's the question I'm thinking about, but from what I can see, I think they will be picking PG Brandon Jennings. He's an uber-athletic point guard, who loves to play in the open court and has great vision.

The defense is suspect, but looking at what the Warriors offer for defense, he'll fit in like a glove.

No. 8 Overall—New York Knicks

This might be the most obvious choice in the draft. The Knicks, who already have a glut of guard players, decide to select another in PG/SG Stephen Curry.

Is he another JJ Redick, Trajon Langdon, or will he evolve into a Ray Allen type of player. Only time will tell, but this is a risky pick for the Knicks.

No. 9 Overall—Toronto Raptors

With most of the holes on the roster being on the bench, the Raptors decide to pick the BPS and ignore any positional need. Here they select SG/SF DeMar DeRozan.

Not since the days of T-Mac and VC, have Toronto basketball fans seen such athleticism from a player. He's a bit of a project, but his game translates very well to the NBA.

With a lack of athleticism on the wings in Toronto, DeMar's arrival is a much anticipated one.

No. 10 Overall—Milwaukee Bucks

With the possibility of losing both Charlie Villanueva and Ramon Sessions, the Bucks have a number of holes to fill.

Do they look to improve their rebounding, or do they look for a distributor. Here they choose the latter, and select PG Jonny Flynn. Flynn's game is very similar to former Buck TJ Ford. His offense comes and goes, but his defense seems to be there despite his small size.

Playing with the likes of Bogut, Redd, and Jefferson will help him get adjusted to the NBA game.

Top 10: Griffin, Harden, Thabeet, Rubio, Evans, Hill, Jennings, Curry, DeRozan, Flynn

Next 10 tomorrow...check back then.


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