Michael Vick to the Seahawks?

NFL News And RumorsAnalyst IJune 8, 2009

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 18: Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons runs with the ball against the Seattle Seahawks during a game at Qwest Field on September 18, 2005 in Seattle, Washington. Seahawks won 21-18. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Because I am fed up with Lars' antics and his child's play I decided to re-post my Michael Vick article. If you read his comments in regards to the things I "wrote" you will find those things strangely missing; this story has also been published by many external sources so the original contents of the article were untouched by my editing.

Please feel free to contrast his outrageous accusations to what is actually true and real:

A recent report came out from ESPN’s John Clayton that has the Seattle Seahawks as the second most-likely destination for dog-hating QB Michael Vick.

Curiously, three of four NFC West teams make the list, with St. Louis the No. 1 destination and San Francisco at No. 3.

I am not one to say never, but let’s put this thing in plain perspective.

It will never happen. 

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Yes, we know Seahawks’ Jim Mora was the head coach of Atlanta when Michael Vick was weaving his way in and out of defenders like Jell-O.

I’m almost positive that the topic will be brought up more than once in the coming weeks at Seahawks HQ. 

Mora supported Vick during his tenure in Atlanta, and there is little doubt in my mind he will still support his former dynamic QB when he returns to the NFL

But if it takes GM Tim Ruskell facing seven injured WRs to bring back substance abusing "menace" WR Koren Robinson. How on earth could anyone fathom him considering a dog murderer? 

Regardless what case Mora potentially brings forth for the possibility of obtaining Vick, it simply will not happen.

Think of the drama someone like WR Terrell “Headache” Owens causes on a daily basis.

Vick will turn Seattle into a media circus, and will cause an uproar among the fan base. Owens’ media impact will look minuscule compared to the type of scrutiny that will bog down Seattle the rest of the year.

Vick is just a welcome mat to all types of coverage the Seahawks would be wise to avoid.

The majority of the fans would be calling for Ruskell’s head, and his contract is up after this year: not the best combination.

He would be wise to simply stick with his fantastic off-season the way it has progressed. 

The irony of this whole thing is that the Seahawks currently employ half of the heralded three time No. 1 rushing monster that was the 2003-2005 Atlanta Falcons. 

The two pieces the Seahawks possess from that productive backfield are RB T.J. Duckett and FB Justin Griffith. 

If the team added Vick (99.9 percent unlikely), they could potentially re-create that quad by adding FA RB Warrick Dunn. That would never happen, but the possibility remains intriguing.

That would be something, maybe they would be older, but putting all those pieces back together could yield something special. 

I don’t despise Vick as a player, in fact, he was one of my favorite players before this whole incident played out.

From a football standpoint, he would make Matt Hasselbeck’s eventual departure very easy to deal with.

He would be without a doubt the top QB available in free agency when he officially hits the market. He would transform the Seahawks offense into a true rushing juggernaut with a deep WR corps to boot. 

He was good enough to warrant a contract that eclipsed any other top QB during his time, 10 years, $130 million, and that was a few years ago. 

The dog issue aside, no doubt almost every team would call just to check his availability.

On the free agency market, he would have most likely garnered the top contract in football history. He would have made Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth’s recent $100 million deal look like a rip off. 

The Seahawks are sure to be a prominent figure in Vick rumors until he is finally picked up. Regardless of what the lucky fan base thinks about him, he is a talent and does bring a lot to the table. 

Putting the dog issue away for a second, Michael Vick has served his punishment, and should get his chance to redeem his horrible mistake. 

Anyone who does not believe that, well, just remember this: Everyone deserves a second chance, and everyone has gotten a second chance at least once in their lives.

Nowhere in this article do I even suggest in absolute that the Seahawks should sign Michael Vick. Lars, please leave me alone, and do not put words on my mouth or take me out of context.