Rondo, Allen for Stoudemire: Could It Actually Be a Good Move for Boston?

Brian HutchisonCorrespondent IJune 4, 2009

Trade Rumor: Boston Celtics trade Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen to the Phoenix Suns for Amare Stoudemire, Leandro Barbosa, and the Suns' 14th overall draft pick.

I realize this is just a rumor going around without any credible source, but it had to have started somewhere right?

Even if this trade was never talked about by the Phoenix Suns or the Boston Celtics, it still gives us fans something to discuss. And discuss we shall.

When I first heard this rumor, I thought no way in hell this would ever happen. It would be worthless for both teams and a terrible move for the Celtics. Why would the Celtics want to trade one of our youngest players with so much potential to be great?

However, after standing at a conveyor belt for eight straight hours today at my miserable job, I had plenty of time to think this possible trade over. And over. And over.

If this trade does indeed happen, I would actually be very excited as a Boston Celtics fan.

Hear me out...

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The Celtics would have to make a big change on defense. Instead of using the traditional man-to-man defense, the Celtics would run a zone defense.

Kendrick Perkins would park his big body in the middle of the paint. Amare Stoudemire on one block, and Kevin Garnett on the other.

Stoud and Garnett are both long and athletic enough to patrol the baselines, and have enough shot-blocking ability to control the lane. Imagine opposing teams trying to take the ball to the basket, only to have either Amare and Perk step up, or KG and Perk. Either way, it's going to be tough.

Think about the potential Garnett and Stoudemire have to be a dominating force down low on offense. Give them some time to work on some plays together, and they could be very a very unstoppable duo. They are both excellent passers, and can both knock down an open jump shot. If they could even run a simple pick-and-roll play together, it would be seemingly impossible to cover the both of them.

Another part of this rumored trade involves shooting guard Leandro Barbosa. Barbosa is arguably the quickest player in the entire league. He and Stephon Marbury would play at the top of the key in their zone defense. They are both quick enough to contend any three point shots, and smart enough to play in a zone.

This is where it gets interesting. Paul Pierce will be the sixth man off the bench. Before you stop reading, please continue to hear me out. Garnett, Stoudemire, Steph, Barbosa, and Perkins are a good enough team to keep the start of any game close, if not have the lead.

After four or five minutes, Coach Rivers will substitute a fresh Pierce into the game. The opposing defense will be tired and Pierce should take full advantage. Not only would Pierce be a great energy boost off the bench, but Doc could also give Amare or KG an early rest to leave most of the scoring to Pierce.

Think about this: If you take five minutes off of Paul Pierce's minutes per game average, he would save about 400 minutes of playing time during an 82 game season.

That would be huge come playoff time. This postseason, he appeared a bit sluggish at times and appeared to be slowing down. If he could have taken back 400 minutes from the regular season, he probably would have played much better in the playoffs.

Kevin Garnett would also save a lot minutes with the addition of Stoudemire. Glen Davis and Leon Powe proved they are worthy of coming into a game and not missing a beat. They can keep up the scoring and provide a huge energy boost.

If Pierce coming off the bench is too ridiculous to propose, you still have two options: Take out Perkins and move Amare to the center position, or take out Marbury and let Barbosa handle the point. Either option could still work.

The key factor to this rotation is Stephon Marbury. I still have faith he can be an All Star-caliber player, in the right conditions. He is a great shooter, passer, and ball-handler. The thing I like about Steph the most is that he is a true point guard. He understands the game of basketball and has a lot of experience in the league. Give him a full offseason working out and practicing with the team, and I believe he could be used as a starting guard.

In conclusion, I highly doubt this trade will ever happen. The Suns want Steve Nash to stay for another two years and Boston already has a starting power forward.

I love Ray Allen, but considering his age and inconsistency, I wouln't be too upset if he was dealt to another team. Rajon Rondo is one of my favorite players and has an unbelievable future ahead of him. I would be very surprised if Boston traded him after such an impressive postseason. He is a triple-double machine, and is already a top-five point guard in this league. If he can develop a jump shot, he will be absolutely impossible to cover.

A lot of things would need to go right for Boston in order to make this a productive trade. I simply just wanted to shine some light on the positives if it were to go through.


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