What Does Nascar and The Chicago Bears Have In Common?

Jeremy WilliamsContributor IJune 4, 2009


Brad Biggs writes in his daily blog (http://blogs.suntimes.com/bears):

"Team spokesman Scott Hagel said the Bears are exploring the possibility of adding a sponsorship patch to practice jerseys, a move first made by the Tennessee Titans at least a year ago. The NFL tackled the issue at the owners meetings in March and the league granted approval for teams to use patches measuring 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches on practice jerseys only. The Bears will likely approach companies they already partner with to explore the issue before then considering outside opportunities."

It is rumored that the Bears would partner with Illinois Lottery for the practice jersey patch.


I throw up in my mouth when I see the Nascar "athletes" with obnoxious Viagra, FedEx, McDonalds, and Orkin patches as they are interviewed on SportsCenter. 

It would be different if Nascar  had  cool sponsors like Yoohoo (the delicious chocolate drink, not the search engine), Bleacher Report, Sonic the Hedgehog, or Yanni.

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All Joking Aside, Or Not

In all seriousness, five years from now, will the NFL go the way of NFL Europe and allow corporate patches on game jerseys?

I think this opens up a can of worms, that as an NFL fan, I am not pleased with.

The Chicago Bears jersey is a classic jersey and while small modifications have been made through the years, the idea that there could eventually be a Depend patch on it, makes me sick. I would be embarrassed to go to road games with that on.

One corporate sponsor is already taken. 

Kleenex will be sponsoring the Broncos  for their practice jerseys since they just lost their franchise quarterback and many tears will be shed all season. 

So I ask what sponsor(s) would you want the Bears to choose for their practice jersey patch?