LeBron James Got Carded by Bartender This Week

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistJanuary 4, 2014

USA Today

LeBron James must love wearing his headband everywhere he goes. 

If he would expose his receding hairline for the world to see, just like most human beings do when the follicles on top of their head start to grow fewer and further between, he might have avoided an inexplicable occurrence. 

According to B/R's Ethan Skolnick, the NBA's reigning MVP was actually carded at a hotel bar: 


Let's forget about the headband speculation and run over a few facts: 

  • LeBron is 29 years old. 
  • He has looked old enough to drink since he was in high school.
  • He has a chiseled 6'8" frame that leaves him as one of the most in-shape-looking people in the world.
  • He's one of the most recognizable people on the planet.
  • He was presumably at a hotel the Miami Heat were staying at, so the employees probably knew what was going on.

Was this bartender just trying to spend more time with the superstar, knowing that LeBron would probably walk away and engage his teammates or retreat to his room as soon as he got his drink? Is the bartender legally blind, relying on a seeing-eye dog to make drinks for customers?

Does this bartender make even the most rule-bound people on the planet look like rebels?

Fortunately, Joel Cordes, one of Bleacher Report's assistant NBA editors, had a great suggestion for LeBron when we were discussing the bizarre nature of this story.  

It doesn't involve ditching the headband. It doesn't involve wearing his Heat jersey at all times. It doesn't even involve playing better basketball so people will actually recognize him. 

All LeBron has to do is hang out with Kevin Hart 24/7. 

When standing next to the diminutive comedian, there's no way anyone will think the King has failed to hit 21.