Herman Edwards' Youth Movement Led To His Downfall

Ron TepperCorrespondent IIJune 2, 2009

CINCINNATI - DECEMBER 28: Head coach Herm Edwards of the Kansas City Chiefs watches the action from the sidelines during the NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals on December 28, 2008 at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Well, it didn't take long for Herman Edwards to land another gig. As we know, Herm is now sharing his thoughts and opinions on ESPN following the footsteps of other ex Coaches such as Bill Cowher among others. I enjoy him more on the set than I ever did as a coach on the field.

One thing we know is that Herm certainly has a gift for gab and that was his biggest attribute. He is a man that who is never at a loss of words. His only problem is that sometimes if your don't be careful when you speak you may pay for it later. He believed that "You play to win the game". Problem was he was doing nothing but losing and it got to be tedious as hell for Chief Fans you deserved more.

Lets face it. He had been under a lot of pressure in recent years, having to deal with the media in New York, which frequently blasted him, and later with the Chiefs where he had to deal with a horrible losing streak (2-23).

He was a motivator. He was not an "Xs and Os guy." For a guy who evidently loves to work with young kids, why isn't he coaching in college? My guess is it was all joke.

His prospect of coaching at the Pro level is not very likely in the future. Besides his pathetic record, Edwards mishandled some of the team'syounger players, especially Glenn Dorsey, who the Chiefs were using in a puzzling capacity.

He also repeatedly absolved his coaching staff of any blame, instead pointing his finger at the players. This annoys me because Edwards was supposed to be a stand up guy. How can you say "I'm responsible" and then behind doors point fingers. Thats a bit of a contradiction.

Herm wanted to have the youngest team in football so he could have a convenient reason for losing games. plain and simple.

Youth movement is such a joke because it is nothing more than a fantasy.

In baseball it is a totally different story. You sign a young player and groom him in the minors until he is ready to play in the majors. Once he makes it in the majors, a team still has the rights to him for six years before he can become a free agent.

In football, many players are on three-year contracts. This includes all three of Kansas City's third round picks in 2008—Jamal Charles, Brad Cottam, and DeJuan Morgan.

The thoughts of a dynasty is a pure illusion. Even Carl Peterson had serious doubts. You may build through the draft but you must have some veterans to show these kids what it takes to play in the NFL.

We can see why general manager Scott Pioli immediately went out and signed veterans Like Mike Vrabel,  Zach Thomas, Mike Goff, and Bobby Engram. That quality was lacking with Edwards and that is what led to his downfall.


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