Los Angeles 1, Kansas City 1: A Play-By-Play (And Other Miscellany)

Jo-Ryan SalazarSenior Analyst IMay 31, 2009

CARSON, CA - MAY 30:  (L-R) Chris Klein #7, Landon Donovan #10, Todd Dunivant #2 and Edson Buddle #14 of the Los Angeles Galaxy celebrate after Buddle's goal late in the second half to draw even at 1-1 against the Kansas City Wizards during the MLS match at The Home Depot Center on May 30, 2009 in Carson, California. The Wizards and the Galaxy played to a 1-1 draw. (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

7:34 p.m., about 90 minutes after the Sol-Athletica game. And so I create what likely will be the only MLS play-by-play I will be making in a while. Great National Anthem, along with some fireworks. And there is Bruce Arena.

He sits, waiting, hoping, praying for a result.

Kickoff: 7:35 PM

1' - Orlando and Los Angeles are going to meet in the NBA final. Here we go. I see my Riot Squad friends. Hello to you, and the ACB. And  some confetti to begin the match, though that's not going to mean much if the Wizards score here.

2' - Augh, why the heck do they show the random L.A. fans? Show the bloody game!

3' - Free-flowing football tonight. ACB getting some in-stadium publicity.

4' - Huge opportunity missed. This is a patchwork team. The only good one there is Landon Donovan. Everyone else, well, is meh. This is why it's a treat to have me, a WPS guy, writing a MLS play-by-play.

5' - Uh oh, Trouble for KC, but danger is cleared.

7' - Chance here for the G's, but the Wizards backline clears.

8' - Hard tackle leads to a goal kick by Kansas City, and former Galaxy keeper Kevin "El Gato" Hartman.

9' - Testy challenge by the Wizards, and a free kick opportunity for Los Angeles.

10' - Defended with precision by Kansas City. These long balls are going nowhere for both sides, unless you are talking about the sign boards.

12' - Great save by Ricketts. He is filling his shoes well.

13' - Hartman reaches for that one. Action plus.

14' - Here come those G's again, opening up the field. Throw-in for the Wizards.

15' - Those horns...they will be the death of the Riot Squad.

16' - A shot by Donovan went wide right. Could only be a matter of time.

17' - Hartman asking his men to go forward. Jeez Louise, these G's are hungry for a victory.

19' - Mike Magee doesn't look to be injured, gets going again.

22' - Another solid stop by Kevin Hartman. This has just be flat-out frustrating. Former Galaxy captain Peter Vagenas is watching from the press box.

23' - An opportunity for the Kansas City Wizards missed. Here come the G's...

25' - It's been a series of oohs and aaahs all around. This has been a defensive match, with neither team able break the deadlock yet, but the crowds seem to enjoy it.

27' - Kevin Hartman continues to show he's lost none of his poise. Another great save.

29' - Foul on the Galaxy. Another opportunity stalled due to questionable officiating by the partisan crowd.

31' - Ugh. I should have known...Terry Vaughn is officiating the match. Of all people, it's this tosser. Cue the facepalm.

32' - Another one goes wide, but it's a corner for LA. And that didn't corner didn't account to much. So what else is new?

33' - I think the Sol are finishing a little bit better than the Galaxy, but that's just me. There's a lot of factors to weigh as the crowd gasps in frustration.

36' - And the possession game continues.

37' - Trouble for LA, but the danger is averted. Even Vagenas is wondering, "What the heck is going on?" A smart-aleck from the press tells me, "It's better than watching paint dry, having you over here."

39' - And another save from the amazing Kevin Hartman.

40' - Come on Terry, what's with the pat on the back. You don't need to rub it in, now. Get on with it!

43' - Well the Tie-Fighters are winning the battle...not sure about the war, though.

45' - This has been another keeper battle...Ricketts with a diving save! One minute of stoppage added.


Los Angeles Galaxy 0

Kansas City Wizards 0


Game Stats
    Kansas City Wizards    Los Angeles Galaxy
Total Shots:    2    6
Shots on Goal:    1    1
Total Saves:    1    1
Fouls:    7    2
Offsides:    1    1
Corner Kicks:    1    1

Double hoo-hah. One of the the people in the press box said that the MLS people got it wrong. Another said, "Never trust the stats people."

Met Dave Denholm for the first time, talked a little bit about the Sol's success, and even told him about my work.

Second-half start: 8:39 pm

46' - Well, can we score for once? Elton John's "Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting" plays. How fitting.

47' - Yellow card to Jimmy Conrad of the Wizards. Former Galaxy player Herculez Gomez is also on the Wizards first team.

48' - That set piece went nowhere. This match is again a defensive feast.

52' - Gah, these horns...

53' - And the Angel City Brigade's minions dance like they are winnings, while the flatulating machines provide the ominous melody.

55' - That shot by Matt Besler just missed the net. Long-distance, too.

55' - Facepalm moment, baby. I can understand why the ticketholders to these matches are not pleased. Then again, now with the Sol winning today, Grahame Jones, do you still think the Sol should sack Abner Rogers? In your fantasy world, his head would be roasted on a spit, I would imagine.

Que sera, sera.

57' - A.J. De La Garza gets a yellow card for a bad challenge.

58' - And so we have some substitutions taking pace during this stretch.

59' - Red card to 16 Gregg Berhalter for a foul. See what I mean by tosser? Vaughn better be ready for projectiles thrown his direction.

59' - Ricketts saves a set piece.

61' - The ACB and LARS trying to stir up the crowd. The question is, is it even effective?

61' - Substitutions Kansas City Wizards:
IN 17 Roger Espinosa
IN 28 Graham Zusi
OUT 2 Michael Harrington
OUT 26 Kevin Souter

Substitutions Los Angeles Galaxy:
IN 14 Edson Buddle
IN 22 Tony Sanneh
OUT 18 Mike Magee
OUT 21 Alan Gordon

64' - Cross by the Wizards went nowhere.

66' - Edson Buddle comes in; can he provide something for the fans to chew on?

67' - Set piece for KC...liftoff! That would have counted for three...in the American code.

70' - Half-hearted shot attempt from the G's.

71' - Mexican wave? Sounds like it.

72' - Corner for LA. You could defend that set piece with Braille. I'm gaga for the Chickisms, forgive me.

73' - The crowd is getting impatient.

74' - And so is Buddle. This has been a game of shots well off-target, and great saves of shots on target. And a red card. And a few yellows.

76' - Those horns...there they go again.

78' - Franko, a Galaxy media guy, tell me that 19,673 were in attendance. More than three times that of the Sol. They are just waiting for something to happen. More than half-capacity.

78' - Substitution Los Angeles Galaxy
IN 7 Chris Klein
OUT 6 Eddie Lewis

79' - Yellow card to Davy Arnaud of the Wizards.

81' - Have mercy Miss Percy, it seems we've got another draw on the way.

82' - These bad shots sure are becoming a nasty habit, aren't they? A corner wasted.

83 - I would imagine if the Galaxy score, it's gonna be electric.

84' - GOAL! Kansas City 22 Davy Arnaud. Assists: 21 Herculez Gomez, 17 Roger Espinoza
Can someone call Guus Hiddink and tell him that the position at Los Angeles is open? Tell him that after your run with Russia, please manage this club. I promise, this guy is no Ruud Gullit. Complete opposite.

86' - Equalizing opportunity wasted.

87' - GOAL!!! Los Angeles Galaxy 14 Edson Buddle Assist: 10 Landon Donovan
Calling Guus, Calling Guus, we hope you consider...now these guys need to score.

90' - Three minutes of stoppage time, says Baldomero Toledo, the 4th official tonight.

90' + 2' - Yellow card to KC's Lance Watson.


Los Angeles Galaxy 1
(Buddle 87)

Kansas City Wizards 1
(Arnaud 84)

Just another victory [sic] for the TIE-fighters.


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