Anderson Silva: Power Ranking Every UFC Win

Dan Hiergesell@DHiergesellFeatured ColumnistDecember 16, 2013

Anderson Silva: Power Ranking Every UFC Win

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    Despite an unfathomable knockout defeat at the hands of current UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman back in July, Anderson Silva's legacy remains intact.

    He still owns UFC records for most consecutive wins, most consecutive title defenses, longest title reign, most finishes, most Knockout of the Night awards and the highest significant strike accuracy ever.

    Needless to say, he's the best pound-for-pound fighter to ever step inside the cage.

    But after dropping his hands and relinquishing his title to Weidman earlier this year, people have forgotten how prolific Silva's promotional resume truly is.

    So on the doorstep of UFC 168, which will feature the biggest rematch in UFC history, here's a look back at "The Spider" and how his 16 memorable victories inside the Octagon stack up.

16. Unanimous Decision over Thales Leites at UFC 97

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    No doubt the most uneventful victory of his lengthy UFC career, Silva was publicly ridiculed for not going after Thales Leites at UFC 97.

    For nearly five straight rounds, the middleweight phenom danced around the cage as Leites folded his legs, remained in the fetal position and watched his title hopes dissipate as onlooking fans swarmed with boos.

    It was one of the worst title fights of all time and one I'm sure the former champ would love to have back.

15. Unanimous Decision over Demain Maia at UFC 112

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    Yet another title fight that saw Silva provoke uneventful Octagon action, his unanimous decision victory over fellow Brazilian Demian Maia was anything but spectacular.

    After toying with Maia for the first two rounds, Silva opted to allow the grappling expert to push the pace, taunting him in the process.

    Referee Dan Miragliotta had to warn Silva to pick up the action in the later rounds and stop stalling in front of an uneasy crowd.

14. TKO of Patrick Cote at UFC 90

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    Silva's third-round TKO of Patrick Cote was most certainly an impressive performance, but considering "The Spider" technically didn't finish the Canadian, it comes in at No. 14.

    After testing Cote's chin for two straight rounds, the champion saw his chance to finish go out the window when "The Predator" blew out his knee and was unable to continue.

    It was the first time in Silva's UFC career that one of his opponents made it past the second round.

13. TKO of Yushin Okami at UFC 134

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    In a title defense that sometimes gets overlooked, Silva avenged a previous disqualification loss to Yushin Okami back in 2006 by demolishing the middleweight contender in a matter of minutes.

    Silva's second-round TKO of Okami not only set him up to defend the belt against Chael Sonnen for the second time, but it extended his consecutive title-defense streak to nine.

12. TKO of Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153

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    Filling in to save one of Brazil's yearly pay-per-view events, Silva literally played with Stephan Bonnar.

    Like a video game superhero, "The Spider" sat back, invited Bonnar to hit him against the cage, flaunted his rubber chin and showcased head work unseen on most professional levels.

    After he had his fill, Silva landed a devastating knee to Bonnar's sternum and gave "The American Psycho" his first TKO loss of his tenured career.

11. TKO of Nate Marquardt at UFC 73

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    The sole reason why Silva's first-round finish of Nate Marquardt back at UFC 73 beats out some of his other impressive title defenses is because it was his very first one.

    It's the initial championship defense that sparked one of the most impressive streaks in combat sports history.

    Not to mention he made a worthy contender look like chopped liver.

10. Knockout of Forrest Griffin at UFC 101

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    Fighting Forrest Griffin was not only one way Silva repaid fans for a lackluster performance opposite Thales Leites four months earlier, but it showcased how deadly the Brazilian could be at light heavyweight.

    Despite his previous victory over James Irvin, this was the first time Silva was pinned up against a top dog at 205.

    In classic Silva fashion, he bobbed and weaved his way to a memorable jaw-breaking knockout over one of the most popular Octagon fighters of all time.

9. TKO of Rich Franklin at UFC 77

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    After dismantling Rich Franklin the first time around, Silva needed to prove his promising future as the UFC's middleweight king wasn't a fluke.

    Well, just like he did to "Ace" at UFC 64, the Brazilian proceeded to rain knees and punches to the face of Franklin in front of the challenger's own hometown.

    It earned Silva Knockout of the Night honors and put to rest any doubt people had about his ability to defend the title opposite truly well-rounded contenders.

9. Knockout of James Irvin at UFC Fight Night 14

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    In his first action at light heavyweight at UFC Fight Night 14, Silva made James Irvin look like a scared schoolgirl.

    After catching a body kick like he was tapping into The Matrix, Silva left Irvin huddled on the ground after blasting him with a straight right hand.

    It was one of the most memorable finishes of his career and one that instantly made people realize he was a pound-for-pound threat.

8. Submission of Travis Lutter at UFC 67

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    Silva's victory over Travis Lutter at UFC 67 not only marked his first submission in the UFC, but it proved that he could win fights on the ground.

    With so much hoopla surrounding his recent finishes over Chris Leben and Rich Franklin, people were wondering if Silva could handle the pressure of fighting off his back.

    With much precision and timing, he made one of the best grappling specialists in the game pay.  Unfortunately, Lutter missed weight before the fight so Silva's win didn't count as a title defense.

6. Knockout of Chris Leben at UFC Fight Night 5

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    It's always good to make an astonishing first impression, especially when it comes to the UFC.

    Fortunately for Silva, a middleweight who few fans knew knocking out a thick-headed Chris Leben in just 49 seconds was the perfect way to break onto the scene.

    It earned him his first UFC victory, his first Knockout of the Night award and a chance to fight Rich Franklin at UFC 64 for a title he would keep until July of this year.

5. TKO of Chael Sonnen at UFC 148

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    Arguably the greatest rematch in UFC history, Anderson Silva avenged a previous beatdown by Chael Sonnen, albeit a victory, to once again finish the trash-talking middleweight.

    Sonnen was able to take the champ down in the first round and land some nice ground-and-pound, but ultimately lost any momentum he had when he failed to land a spinning back fist against the cage in the second.

    Silva took notice, jumped on Sonnen, landed a devastating knee to his chest and proceeded to end all doubts about their unprecedented first meeting.

4. Submission of Dan Henderson at UFC 82

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    Dan Henderson is arguably the toughest fighter to date that Silva has ever faced.

    His power is unmatched, his wrestling, his elite and his chin is undeniable. 

    But if there was one way to defeat him in his prime, it was to submit him.  That's exactly what Silva did after surviving an early takedown by "Hendo" back at UFC 82.

    It was arguably Silva's biggest win of his career and one that unified the UFC and Pride middleweight titles.

3. Knockout of Vitor Belfort at UFC 126

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    What many consider to be the greatest knockout in mixed martial arts history, Silva landed a perfect front kick to Vitor Belfort's face at UFC 126 in under four minutes.

    It marked one of the most memorable finishes ever and left Silva with a notch in his belt over one of the deadliest strikers of all time.

    Not to mention it makes one hell of a living room poster.

2. TKO of Rich Franklin at UFC 64

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    As a perfect example of how vicious and formidable a Muay Thai Plum can be, Silva practically leveled Rich Franklin at UFC 64 to earn his first-ever UFC championship.

    It proved that he was without a doubt one of the best strikers in the world, as well as cementing his role in the sport for the seven years that would follow.

    The first-round victory over a prominent figure like Franklin more or less started it all.

1. Submission of Chael Sonnen at UFC 117

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    With a victory that would go down as one of the greatest comebacks in combat sports history, Silva shook off a brutal four-round beating by Chael Sonnen to sink in an infamous fifth-round triangle armbar at UFC 117.

    It marked the Brazilian's tenth-straight title defense and one of the most memorable submissions of all time.

    As a result, Silva remained on top of the MMA world and his ensuing rivalry with Sonnen sparked a rematch for the ages.

Will Silva Add to This List at UFC 168?

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    In two weeks, Silva will have a chance to redeem his only loss since 2006. 

    He will have the opportunity to recapture UFC middleweight gold and cement his status as the greatest fighter of all time.

    Will he defeat Chris Weidman and avenge the most unprecedented knockout of all time?

    We'll soon find out.  Happy Holidays!

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