Fans Who REALLY Love Their Teams

Jessica Marie@ItsMsJisnerCorrespondent IIDecember 5, 2013

Fans Who REALLY Love Their Teams

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    We all love our teams. Obviously. That's why we follow sports—because we love our teams and we really want them to win.

    When they do win, we are euphoric. When they don't win, we are not. Some of us become very upset. Subhuman, even. But it's all in the name of love, and all is fair in love and war, right?

    Um, not quite. Here are some fans who perhaps love their teams a tiny bit too much. They put the rest of us to shame, for better or worse.

Honorable Mention: Barrel Man

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    Nobody loved the Denver Broncos more than Barrel Man. Nobody.

    Tim McKernan weathered all kinds of…weather from 1967—when he first started going to Broncos games—until the day he died in 2009. Fittingly, the last game he got to see was a rout of the Giants.

    McKernan failed to appear at just four Broncos games, but for every one he attended, he wore only an orange barrel, a cowboy hat and cowboy boots, no matter the elements.

Dishonorable Mention: The Tree Poisoner

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    We all know that hardcore rivalry games can bring out the worst in fans. But for better or worse, it's a part of the competition to deface the other team's mascot or landmark in preparation for the game.

    The Tree Poisoner, however, attempted to kill the other team's landmark. That's not OK.

    In 2010, Harvey Updyke Jr. poisoned the oak trees at Toomer's Corner that serve as Auburn University's landmark. Why? Because he's an Alabama fan, obviously.

    Updyke was sentenced to 76 days in jail, and after he served his time, he left the state, fleeing to Louisiana. It's probably for the best that he wasn't in the state of Alabama for last weekend's travesty.

Green Bay's Bikini Girls

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    What do you have to be in order to sit outside wearing a bikini for about four hours in 25-degree weather?

    Crazy. Or just a Green Bay Packers fan.

    The Packers Bikini Girls have really amped up their street creed by wearing bathing suits to wintertime Packers games, and given the fact that they're still willing to do this given the current state of the Packersall you can do is respect.

Chris Wilheim (AKA Andy Reid)

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    Kansas City Chiefs fans love Andy Reid. They really love him. They appreciate him far more than those Eagles fans ever could.

    And why wouldn't they? Reid has restored the Chiefs to glory, coaching them to a 9-3 record through Week 13 and resurrecting the career of Alex Smith.

    (We'll ignore those three straight losses since the bye week.)

    This particular fan really loves Andy Reid. In fact, Chris Wilheim loves Reid so much that he has put substantial effort into becoming the head coach every Sunday.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

This Psychotic Unnamed Alabama Fan

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    Vaughan_C24 via Twitter

    At the end of the day, we're all humans. And those who are servers at restaurants deserve to be treated as such, regardless of their fandom.

    That means that even if you, the diners, are Alabama fans, and your server, Forrest, is an Auburn fan, you should probably still give the guy a tip. It's the humane thing to do.

    These anonymous Alabama fans stiffed their waiter because he "talked about being proud of Auburn to an Alabama fan" in the aftermath of what was possibly the greatest college football finish of all time.

    And now those Alabama fans deserve to be shamed forevermore. Even if you love your team as much as they do.

This WWE Fan

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    WWE isn't a team, per se, but for all intents and purposes, let's refer to the entirety of WWE as a team for the next minute or so.

    And this guy is a huge, huge fan of his "team." He is such a huge fan that he is willing to put himself in peril, just because he loves WWE so much.

    Professional wrestling is a carefully choreographed act—at least for those who are in on the act. This fan was not. During a match in Cape Town, South Africa, this fan was willing to jump into the ring with professional wrestler Randy Orton and deliver a devastating blow, accepting all ensuing consequences.

Floyd Mayweather

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    Noah Graham/Getty Images

    Floyd Mayweather loves Johnny Manziel. Floyd Mayweather believes in Johnny Manziel. Floyd Mayweather is so enamored with Johnny Manziel that he is willing to bank $30,000 on the Texas A&M quarterback's ability to pull out a victory.

    The boxing champion has never been shy about sharing his wagering exploits via Twitter, and that was the case this September, when he bet big money that Manziel and the Aggies would be able to turn a 24-20 halftime lead into a win.

    Mayweather's faith in Manziel paid off. After the game, he tweeted:

    I bet $30k on the 2nd half. Good work @jmanziel2

    Don't ever let down your biggest fan, Johnny Football. He believes in you.

This LSU Fan

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    We know that SEC fans are a different breed, figuratively. This fan may actually be a different breed.

    Because he was willing to subject himself to the subsequent mocking that came from this performance, he belongs on this list.

    This LSU fan was so thrilled that his beloved Tigers were able to get on the board against Alabama that he imitated a T-Rex. And the notoriety was instant.

Broncos Fans

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    When Joe Flacco invades the city of Denver, what do you—as Broncos fans—do?

    You protect your quarterback like you are part of his offensive line.

    Broncos fans were infuriated late last summer when, in anticipation of the opening game of the NFL season, banners featuring Flacco cropped up around town.

    Apparently, this was not a way of promoting a Ravens-Broncos matchup. This was just flat-out disrespectful to Peyton Manning.

    So what did the fearlessly loyal Broncos faithful do? They petitioned. And they defaced those banners like there was no tomorrow.

    That's how much these fans love their Broncos.

People Who Waited 34 Years for Packers Tickets

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    Harry How/Getty Images

    Whenever you're on a waiting list—for anything—the wait can feel interminable.

    These people suffered through more than three decades on a waiting list. For Packers tickets. Yeah. They know what it's like to wait.

    Todd Mommaerts is a Green Bay fan who finally got season tickets in 2013 after his father put him on the season ticket waiting list 34 years prior, according to USA Today.

    And now he gets Matt Flynn. Hope that was worth the wait.

These Bulls Fans

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    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    It's understandable that back when this photo was taken in late October, these fans were extra-amped to celebrate the start of the Chicago Bulls' season.

    It was a season full of promise. Derrick Rose was finally returning after an absence that lasted more than a full season. This would be the year that the Bulls would challenge the Miami Heat as the best team in the NBA.

    So what did they do? They dressed up as ladies. Or colonial puppets. It's unclear, but they celebrated in style.

    Unfortunately, it's unlikely they can muster such enthusiasm nowadays.

This Auburn Fan

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    We get it. Fans go nuts when their teams pull off the most improbable of improbable victories. It's not even something you think about. It's reflexive.

    Meet this guy, the Auburn fan whose reaction to the Tigers' win over Alabama was, by far, the most over-the-top and absurd.

    You know that when you scare the bejeezus out of your five-ish year old daughter and then she only can observe your antics in half-befuddlement, half-amusement, you're pulling off a truly solid fan overreaction.

These Canucks Fans

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    This is what commitment looks like.

    There are lots of ways to be a great fan. One of the greatest ways is when you actually give your team an advantage.

    Do the Green Men give the Vancouver Canucks an advantage? Well, it's hard to believe that they don't provide at least some distraction when they stand right outside the penalty box and harass opposing players with their weirdness.

These Alabama Fans

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    Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    Throughout the course of this exhibit, we have seen some Alabama fans who have truly brought shame upon their fellow fans.

    But then there are these people who are still committed to supporting their kicker, whose missed field goal led to Auburn's game-winning and soul-crushing touchdown last weekend.

    Fans can be awful sometimes. They can be mean and vindictive and dangerous. They can say or do completely inappropriate and offensive things (like, for example, refuse to leave you a tip if you support their rival).

    But it's at times like these that we see that fans can be stupendous, too. It takes guts to steadfastly support the guy who blew the biggest game of the year and squandered your opportunity to threepeat as national champions.

    So here's to you, Alabama fans. Here's to you.

Jason Dufner

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    Jim Rogash/Getty Images

    Lots of Auburn fans have come out of the woodwork over the last several days following the Tigers' mind-blowing, last-second victory over perennial champion Alabama. They all want to revel in their glory. They want to celebrate.

    And most importantly, they want to watch Auburn take on Missouri in the SEC Championship Game.

    No one wants that more than alum Jason Dufner, who loves Auburn so much that he would rather watch the game than play in the Northwestern Mutual World Challenge. So Dufner did what any good little Auburn fan would do: he asked Tiger Woods to shorten the event.

    Dear Mr @TigerWoods I petition the event this week to play 36 holes Thurs and Friday,so I can watch my beloved Auburn play for SEC champ thx

    — Jason Dufner (@JasonDufner) December 2, 2013

    Tiger said no.

    @JasonDufner Petition denied.

    — Tiger Woods (@TigerWoods) December 3, 2013

    Oh well. It was worth a try.


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