17 Celebrities Who Love Lindsey Vonn

Jessica Marie@ItsMsJisnerCorrespondent IINovember 25, 2013

17 Celebrities Who Love Lindsey Vonn

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    Where in the world is Lindsey Vonn?

    Well, most likely, taking an Instagram photo with a celebrity.

    Vonn has friends in high places. A lot of them. In fact, her Instagram account is a collection of pictures of her with famous people.

    Why do they all love her so much? Well, she's an American Olympian. Celebritiesand people in the United States in generalseem to have a thing for all-American-looking Olympians (see: Phelps, Michael and Lochte, Ryan).

    Lindsey Vonn is like the head cheerleader of Olympic Village (even though she might not be there this year, given her latest ACL injury). And she has the friends to prove it.

Lil Wayne

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    D. Clarke Evans/Getty Images

    Let's start with possibly the best tweet Lindsey Vonn has ever written.

    The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi were supposed to be Vonn's big comeback after she tore her ACL and MCL last year in Austria. But just as soon as she started training again, this happened: a training crash, in which she sustained yet another partially torn ACL.

    The world was aghast. Lil Wayne was especially aghast. He tweeted words of support to his favorite Olympian:

    My prayers are with u Lindsey. Wishing u a speedy recovery!

    — Lil Wayne WEEZY F (@LilTunechi) November 20, 2013

    Vonn's response? "Thx Weezy."

Kris Humphries

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    Brian Babineau/Getty Images

    So this is embarrassing.

    Lindsey Vonn and Kris Humphries were once a thing, according to Us Weekly.

    The two Minnesota natives were "briefly acquainted" just before Vonn met Tiger Woods. She and Mr. Ex-Kardashian hung out at her ESPYs party, but the union was short-lived.

    Seems Ms. Vonn has a thing for controversial athletes that everyone else loves to hate.

Cynthia Rowley

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    Lindsey Vonn via Twitter

    These two are serious BFFs. It seems that every other week, Vonn is cavorting with the fashion designerat shows, at showrooms, at lunches.

    Vonn probably gets lots of free swag from the designer, one of America's most notable, so she returns the favor by often wearing Rowley's designs to big events.

    Seems like it pays to have top fashion designers for best friends.

Tim Tebow

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    Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    Of course Lindsey Vonn is friends with Tim Tebow. Of course. Which celebrity is Tim Tebow not friends with?

    The all-American girl and the all-American boy have oft been photographed together at various eventsbut then again, those were the days when Tebow was still relevant.

    Bet she doesn't have much time for him these days—not now that she has Weezy as a buddy.

Rascal Flatts

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    Lindsey Vonn via Instagram

    Here, we have Vonn hanging with country music trio Rascal Flatts, because of course.

    The Nashville-based trio has accumulated 26 top-20 singles on the Billboard Hot Country chart, and 12 of them became No. 1 hits.

    A couple of years ago, long before the Tiger days began, Vonn scored backstage passes to a show and hung with the band beforehand. #southernlivin

Roger Federer

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    Lindsey Vonn via Instagram

    If you follow Lindsey Vonn on Twitter, you know she loves to tweet about her epic love for Roger Federer.

    So imagine how pumped she must be when she actually gets to post a picture of herself with her personal tennis god.

    Vonn posed with Federer at the London Olympics in 2012, after he dropped the gold-medal singles match to Andy Murray (but still took home silver for Switzerland).

The PTI Guys

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    Shane Bacon via Twitter

    First, there were Heidi and Spencer. Then, there were Kim and Kanye.

    Now, we have Lindsey and Tiger.

    No, they're not despised anywhere near as much as the other two notorious couples (and maybe they're not despised at allmaybe it's just Tiger). But they're definitely one of Those Couples, which means they get mocked on Halloween. By the PTI guys.

    This year, Michael Wilbon donned his best Tiger Woods costume while Tony Kornheiser went as Lindsey Vonn. Vonn felt pretty special.

President George W. Bush

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    Lindsey Vonn via Instagram

    It's only fitting that at the President's Cup, Lindsey Vonn took a selfie with a president.

    It was a good showing all around for the U.S. team at this year's Cup, as it achieved its fifth straight win. George W. Bush was there to support the Americans, and Vonn was there to support Tiger.

    Naturally, they had to take a pic together.

Assorted Members of the Green Bay Packers

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    Lindsey Vonn via Instagram

    Because why not?

    A couple of years ago, Vonna pretty vocal fan of the Denver Broncos, for the recordchilled with Aaron Rodgers and Clay Mathews at a Kentucky Derby pre-party.

Tom Brady

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    Lindsey Vonn via Instagram

    You haven't made it until you're in a photo with Tom Brady. So congratulations, Lindsey Vonn, you've officially made it.

    One of the most exciting of Vonn's celebrity-Instagram selfies is the one she took with the quarterback of the New England Patriots at the launch of Under Armour's Spine shoe a couple of years ago.

    Also featured are Kemba Walker and Kevin Plank, but look how excited TB12 looks!

Derek Lam

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    Lindsey Vonn via Instagram

    Another fashion friend in a high place. Must be nice to have Derek Lam in your corner.

    The award-winning designer hung out with Vonn at the Delete Blood Cancer event earlier this year. She wore one of his creations to the function.

    Cynthia must have been jealous.

Jason Dufner

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    Lindsey Vonn via Instagram

    Uh oh! Tiger must have been super jealous that this happened.

    Just before Jason Dufner won the PGA Championship this summer, he and Vonn hung out at the British Open, and they were spotted dufnering together in the rough.

    Maybe Lindsey was the good luck he needed to pull out the biggest win of his career a month later.

Gavin DeGraw

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    Lindsey Vonn via Instagram

    Why not Gavin DeGraw too?

    A Countdown to Sochi event earlier this month featured the musician, perhaps best known for writing the kinds of songs that once appeared on angsty teen dramas. Lindsey Vonn got to meet him, and, naturally, they took a selfie.

Kobe Bryant

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    Lindsey Vonn via Instagram

    Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers. It was a given that one day, Vonn would take her Instagram talents to the NBA and track down Kobe Bryant for a photo.

    During her summer Olympic adventures in London in 2012, Vonn encountered the toast of the U.S. basketball team, and they gathered to take a pic while wearing matching outfits.

    I'm sensing a theme here. Vonn poses with Dufner and he wins. Vonn poses with Kobe and Team USA wins. What's taking so long, Tiger?

Orlando Bloom

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    Lindsey Vonn via Instagram

    Look at those two little snow bunnies.

    Shortly after the (first) accident that derailed her training earlier this year, Vonn's spirits skyrocketed when she got a visit from Hollywood heartthrob Orlando Bloom.

    It's true, Lindsey. #vailisawesome when Orlando Bloom is nursing you back to health.

Giuliana Rancic

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    Lindsey Vonn via Instagram

    You know you've made it when you've taken a picture with Tom Brady. And when Giuliana Rancic wants to hang with you.

    Earlier this year, the E! News host tracked down Vonn for a preview of the 2014 Olympics. Unfortunately, those Olympic plans may now be derailed thanks to another injury. But at least...

Tiger Woods

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    Lindsey Vonn via Facebook

    …she has Tiger Woods there to help her through it.

    Yes, Tiger Woods is the celebrity who likes Lindsey Vonn the very most. The two lovebirds seized the headlines about a year ago when they announced their relationship via Facebook (because it's totally normal to post engagement-looking photos that announce you're in a relationship with one of the most notoriously icky guys in the world of sports).

    Anyway, the two have continued to make headlines over the course of the summer as Tiger tried and tried to win his first major since his unsavory extracurriculars came to light. He failed, but perhaps their relationship will not.


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