Swedish Hockey Ref Chokes Player Until He Taps Out, Shames Him Publicly

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterNovember 14, 2013

A wise man once said, “Momma don’t take no mess.” Well, neither do Swedish hockey refs, it would appear.

A fight at a hockey game in Sweden was threatening to turn into a bench-clearing war before officials waded into the fray and began laying down their own special brand of martial law.

The ridiculous incident was spotted by Redditor @Combzy89 (h/t Ramin Rezvani of Next Impulse Sports), and ended with one player being choked out and scolded like a school boy.

GIF via Next Impulse Sports

The game in question was a Swedish Hockey League match between Vaxjo and Farjestad, and the fight began as a minor spat, which slowly grew into a fracas and threatened to reach “brouhaha” levels.

The fight began near center ice after two players became entangled. Slowly and methodically, the dustup gravitated toward the benches and turned into a close-quarters grappling match.

Referees responded almost immediately to the fisticuffs, unwilling to let the boys sort things out for themselves. Every official available entered the jersey-pulling mix-up, and it wasn’t long before a hilarious and incredibly dumb moment occurred.

In the confusion of the crush, Farjestad winger Marius Holtet grabbed Referee No. 6 and took him to the ground, presumably believing he was grappling with a member of Vaxjo.

Little did Holtet know, but he had just grabbed hold of Robo Ref—a hockey official who will grip you by the gizzard and make you squeal for leniency.

Realizing he had the wrong guy, Holtet released Referee No. 6 and began patting him on the back as if to say “Oh, sorry about that, old boy. You know how these hoodangs go.”

Referee No. 6 didn’t care for being tackled, however, and grabbed Holtet in a front-choke hold and dragged him onto the open ice. Feeling his supply of delicious oxygen fading away, the hockey player frantically began tapping out of the contest.

Screenshot via @SportsNewsNow

The referee eventually relented, and that, my friends, is when the mighty index finger of judgement rained down.

Screenshot via @SportsNewsNow

Learn your lesson, sonny boy. You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, and you don’t mess around with refs.

I made the Swedish hockey players sound British because it’s funnier that way.


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