Rockies Owner Charlie Monfort's DUI Didn't Ruin an Extremely Happy Mug Shot

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 6, 2013

Colorado Rockies co-owner Charlie Monfort is wearing something you wouldn't expect to find in a police mug shot: an ear-to-ear smile. 

Larry Brown Sports spotted the peculiar image of one man smiling for police officials as if he were in one of those wonderful photo booths. 

The Greeley Tribune has more on the arrest, including the following mug shot via Weld County Jail. 

Having never been arrested, I can't quite speak with great knowledge on the subject of proper mug shot poses. Something tells me a similar photo would feature tears and possibly unexplained stains all over my shirt. 

However, I have to assume they don't ask you to "smile!" moments before snapping off a picture of your mug. At the very least, "Say cheese!" isn't offered to make sure they get those pearly whites at the right angle. 

All of this is to say Monfort is quite photogenic, even at around 10 p.m. in Windsor, Colo., on Monday, which is when police officers must have noticed something odd about the 54-year-old's driving. 

While there is no mention yet of the blood alcohol level, The Denver Post reports officers also cited Monfort for driving 10-19 miles per hour over the speed limit. The Greeley Tribune notes that he was booked just after midnight, and he was released on $2,500 bond on Tuesday.

The Tribune also offers some words from Monfort via a statement released by the team: 

I’m extremely disappointed in myself for the decision I made to drink and drive and the potential risk I caused to other innocent people. I want to apologize to my family, the Colorado Rockies staff, players, Major League Baseball and of course, our fans for the embarrassment I have caused by my actions. I do understand the seriousness of my behavior and the issues that I am facing and I’m committed to do what’s necessary to deal with my problem.

PHOENIX - OCTOBER 12:  Dick Monfort (L) and Charlie Monfort, team owners of the Colorado Rockies, watch his team play the Arizona Diamondbacks during Game Two of the National League Championship Series at Chase Field on October 12, 2007 in Phoenix, Arizon
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

If you are wondering, yes, Monfort's brother and co-owner Dick Monfort got in on the press release party and stated the following: 

I am extremely saddened and very disappointed to learn of my brother Charlie’s arrest (Monday) night in Windsor, Colorado on DUI charges. We all understand the seriousness of this offense and the potential consequences involved when the decision to drink and drive is made. I am thankful that no one was injured.

As troubling and intolerable as these actions are, I can tell you that I’m focused on helping Charlie get the resources he needs to overcome this problem.

We assume the concern is genuine, because Charlie was also arrested back in 1999 while driving under the influence around Greeley. At the time, he reportedly had a BAC of .209.

The Monfort brothers are right to point out there is nothing funny or whimsical about drunk driving. It wouldn't be out of the realm of plausibility to think this story could be far worse than it was. 

For the moment, we will chide Charlie for looking like he was mugging for his class picture right after he was told there would be sloppy joes for lunch. 

Now we simply need to meet the officer who took the photo, because they must be hilarious. 

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