15 of the Best Sports Fan Freakouts Ever

Jessica Marie@ItsMsJisnerCorrespondent IINovember 5, 2013

15 of the Best Sports Fan Freakouts Ever

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    As sports fans, it is in our DNA to care too much when our teams lose.

    It's not reasonable. It's not justifiable. But it will never change. A crushing postseason loss may leave the guys who actually played crying at their locker stalls, but for those of us watching at home—many of us are way, way worse off.

    I cannot criticize the people on this list. I've definitely been there. The Patriots' two Super Bowl losses to the Giants come to mind.

    Fortunately for me, though, nobody caught me on camera. The same cannot be said for these poor, sad fans.

    Language in some videos NSFW.

This Detroit Fan

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    In the aftermath of the Lions' ridiculous comeback win over the poor Cowboys a couple of weeks ago, there were plenty of super-psyched Lions fans out there and, alternately, plenty of devastated Cowboys fans.

    With time running out, Matthew Stafford hit Calvin Johnson at the 1-yard line, so Stafford began instructing his offense to get ready for the spike play. Dallas' defense overheard him, which ended up being incredibly fortuitous, because the Cowboys just stood there, anticipating the spike.

    Stafford noticed. And so with all of the linebackers just hanging out at the line of scrimmage, he dove past them for the game-winning touchdown.

    Stafford was pretty pumped. But there was no one more pumped than this Lions fan, who unleashed an expletive-filled celebration from the comfort of his own bed. As he tells it: "Look how smart this is! I thought they were going to spike it!"

    So, too, did the Cowboys, my friend.

The Vikings Fan Who Destroyed His Own Home

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    Wasn't last year supposed to be the Vikings' chance to do something big?

    Adrian Peterson was having the year of his life. Christian Ponder, inexplicably, became good. The only problem? They had Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in the first round of the playoffs.

    Naturally, it didn't go well for Minnesota.

    Fortunately, for our entertainment, this poor fan was recorded hidden camera-style as he reacted throughout the game. The highlight?

    "That's an interception! WHY? WHHHHYYYYYYYYY?"

    He then proceeds to destroy every piece of furniture in his living room, and when his game-watch companion tries to shame him, he simply says, "It's not my fault," and gestures at Ponder & Co.

The BIGGEST Hawks Fan

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    It's always great to make fun of the people who freak out when their teams lose. But let's give a little love to the kid who couldn't control himself after something good happened.

    Here, we have a young Atlanta Hawks fan who has just been told that his parents got him tickets to a playoff game in 2010.

    Aspiring sports broadcaster Stevon is told by his mother to read the cue cards for the camera, not knowing that one of them says that he'll be reporting live from the game. It takes him a while to understand that he actually is going, but once he does, it's pretty adorbs.

Devastated Chargers Fan

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    Losing to the Raiders sucks. No, it really does. They're the Raiders.

    This Chargers fan just couldn't take it. San Diego started off the season 2-2, and a win over Oakland was crucial in order to prove that Philip Rivers & Co. had what it took to actually compete.

    Apparently, they didn't have what it took. They lost to the Raiders, 35-27, compelling this kid to nearly choke himself on his own phlegm in a fit of hysteria.

    I can only imagine how he reacted to two more consecutive losses to St. Louis and New England by a combined six points.

Crying Giants Fan

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    The fact that the Giants have won two Super Bowls since 2008 is of little consolation to fans now, as the team is the second-most embarrassing team in the NFL, and it was of little consolation in 2009, when they lost to the Eagles in the playoffs.

    This fan just could not deal with the fact that Donovan McNabb and the Eagles trumped Eli Manning and the Giants for the right to play in the NFC title game.

    "We were the best team in the NFL!" he cries. "We were the best team in the NFL!"

    Not quite, bud. Oh, and warning: profanity.

Inconsolable Patriots Fan

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    The Patriots have had a lot of good times over the years. But thanks to the New York Giants, they have had some pretty terrible times as well.

    After New England lost to Eli Manning in the Super Bowl for the second time in four years, this girl just couldn't take it anymore. Nothing could provide comfort for her, not even her dog's kisses.

    "It's supposed to be Tom!" she wails, watching Eli hoist the Lombardi Trophy while her dog tries everything in his power to escape her grasp.

Cody Zeller's Biggest Fan

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    I mean, I know I've gotten a little bit sad when my favorite college players have departed for the NBA, but really? I didn't know anyone could possibly have been this sad when Cody Zeller left Indiana.

    Here, we have the biggest Cody Zeller fan in existence, and by proxy, now the world's biggest Charlotte Bobcats fan.

    This kid is absolutely devastated that his favorite player will no longer be playing for the Hoosiers. But let's give him a free pass, since he's like 3.

The Third Biggest Ravens Fan

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    The Ravens' loss to the Patriots in the 2012 AFC Championship was painful. There's nothing worse than losing your entry to the Super Bowl on a missed field goal that was utterly makeable.

    This girl knows what's up.

    After Baltimore bowed out to the Patriots on the biggest mistake of Billy Cundiff's career, she wailed into her dad's shoulder—who responded with, "They'll probably go next year!"

    Little did he know…

The Second-Most Crazy of the Ravens Fans

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    Sometimes, when you're watching a game with impossibly high stakes, you just need to talk to yourself. There's no other way to stay sane. You need to narrate the course of events, pep talk the players, berate the opponent.

    No one does it better than this guy.

    This Ravens fan, still haunted by the memory of Billy Cundiff's missed field goal against the Patriots in the previous year's AFC Championship, wanted nothing more than a game-sealing field goal from Baltimore's Justin Tucker against the Broncos.

    He got his wish. And his reaction still remains unmatched.

The Most Crazy of the Ravens Fans

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    The stakes were high for the Baltimore Ravens in last year's postseason. Ray Lewis was on the brink of retirement. The team had backed its way into the playoffs and was facing a road to the Super Bowl in which it would have to beat both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning on the road in order to reach the promised land.

    It was a stressful time to be a Ravens fan.

    Nobody was as stressed as this guy, though, who was sabotaged by his wife as he got caught up in his emotions when Ray Rice scored the game-tying touchdown at the end of the third quarter against the Broncos.

    The best part? The toddler just chilling on the couch while his dad unleashes one of the most epic freak outs of all time.

    The second-best part? There are Parts 2 and 3.

The Redskins Autograph Lady

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    Redskins fans came into the 2013 season full of excitement. For once, it actually seemed like the Redskins might have a chance, thanks to a rehabilitated Robert Griffin III.

    Thus, the fans came out in throngs for training camp. Most fans were excited simply to be there, getting a look at their heroes up close and personal—but not this lady. She went to training camp for one reason, and one reason only: to get an autograph.

    Hell hath no fury like a Redskins autograph-seeker scorned.

The Crying Yanga FC Fan

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    If there is one thing that gets fans more riled up than SEC football, it has to be soccer.

    I introduce you to the man who cares more about Yanga FC than anyone cares about anything ever.

    Unfortunately for him, this Tanzanian fan was caught on camera after a Yanga FC loss, and his emotions overwhelmed him. He unleashed a tear-filled tirade on this poor, unfortunate soul. I'm not sure what he's saying, but that's kind of irrelevant. Just watch.

The UGA Fan

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    I get it. College football is king in SEC country. People get pretty into it, especially people who are fans of the teams who have played second fiddle to Alabama for the last several years.

    But as this poor caller demonstrates, the only thing that feels worse than losing to an SEC rival is losing to an ACC team.

    Earlier this year, then-No. 5 Georgia dropped its first game of the season to No. 8 Clemson, a loss that essentially shattered the Bulldogs' SEC title dreams before they even got off the ground. How did this fan respond? By calling into 92.9 The Game in Atlanta and demanding that head coach Mark Richt get the ax.

    And then the idea of playing South Carolina the following week brought him to tears and it was awkward yet hilarious for everyone.

Sad Clemson Fan

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    And on the other side of the coin, there are Clemson fans, who—as we all know too well—have had to endure plenty of heartbreaking losses over the years.

    It seems to be the same story every year: Clemson is supposed to be the team to beat in the ACC, and then it loses—to a good team, to a bad team, it doesn't matter. Maybe this year is different, but back in 2009, an early-season loss to Georgia was all this particular fan needed to fall into a tailspin.

    Nothing says helplessness like sitting alone in the bleachers in an emptying stadium and repeatedly whipping your sad orange hat on the bench in front of you.

Sad Packers Fan

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    Perhaps the most infamous of all the recent fan freak outs is this one, issued by none other than Sad Packers Fan.

    Sad Packers Fan, aka Casey Lewis, was understandably devastated when the Pack bowed out to the Giants in the playoffs in 2012. The Packers, after all, were supposed to be the best team in the NFC. They weren't supposed to lose to New York, a team that barely even deserved to be playing in the postseason (or so we thought).

    Sad Packers Girl could not resist blaming herself for Green Bay's loss, insisting that if she hadn't opted for sparkly nail polish, or if she had worn her Aaron Rodgers jersey instead of her Clay Matthews jersey, the outcome would have been different.


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