Craig Sager: Fashionable or Simply Over the Top?

Eric Hobbs@@E_HobbsCorrespondent IMay 25, 2009

For years, Craig Sager has stood out, but not because of his considerable talent as a sideline reporter.  Instead, Sager stands apart because of his flamboyant wardrobe.

Craig Sager currently roams the sidelines of the NBA and MLB for Turner Sports (TBS and TNT) in suits that would make Don Cherry blush. Whether it be pink, blue, or yellow, the veteran journalist is sure to turn heads.

The idea of wearing random suits is not new to Sager. In fact, he stands out in the crowd of people at home plate, after Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run. While most journalists were wearing the normal attire of 1974, Sager stood out in a bright white coat.

Many coaches and players have been known to make fun of Craig for his outfits, most notably Kevin Garnett on multiple occasions and Phil Jackson comparing him to Bozo the Clown.  Garnett even went as far as to encourage him to burn the entire outfit he had on, so that he would leave the arena "butt-ass naked".

During the 2008 ALCS, Joe Maddon, the manager for the Rays, was in the dugout at Fenway Park, when Sager walked by on the warning track in between innings. Maddon's head followed Sager and his velvet suit, and Maddon started laughing and pointed Craig out to other bench coaches—this from one of the most intense managers in the game.

For Craig Sager, it isn't just about the suit coat, but rather, it's about the whole outfit. Often, he has pants that match his jackets, no matter how random the color. He even goes as far as to have matching socks and shoes. Of course these accessories also match in color, be it bright red or a dull olive green.

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In an interview with the The Washington Post, during the Beijing Olympics, Sager was forced into wearing the uniform that all reporters for NBC had to wear: khakis and a blue polo. Sager did manage a festive belt that matched his blue polo and claims to have worn a matching thong. Mercifully, there is no proof of this.

This is some sort of fashion, but is it a trendsetting fashion, a man who think's he's a real life character from "Saturday Night Fever", or is his sense of style just that far out of whack?

You be the judge.

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