Chicago Bulls: Jim Boylan, Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

Dan WadeSenior Analyst IApril 17, 2008

Less than 24 hours after the end of a very disappointing season, reports have surfaced that interim coach Jim Boylan has been given his walking papers.

Boylan took over for Scott Skiles, but was unable to really inspire the team. The young Bulls grossly underachieved as a result.

I don't think many people, if any, believed that Boylan was the right person to lead the Bulls into the future, so it comes as no surprise that he was let go. What surprises me is the timing.

The Bulls didn't waste a second in letting the coach go, which makes me wonder if they've got someone on their radar for next year.

This off-season will be key for the Bulls. Besides getting a coach who can connect with young players and rekindle the chemistry the Bulls once had, they need to decide which players to give to extensions and they must prepare for the draft.

The Bulls are talented enough to live through a bad draft pick, but they can improve some of their weaker areas very quickly and relatively cheaply if they their homework.

They should make good use of their picks, especially because they will likely be fairly high in the draft order.

Item number one, however, is replacing Boylan.

Candidates' names started popping up almost as soon as John Paxon finishes the official press conference.

One rumor that will probably steam is Larry Brown. Anytime a high-profile coach is out of work and a high-profile team is out of a coach, the media loves putting them together. I highly doubt this will happen, but I suppose anything is possible.

All I ask from the Bulls' front office is this: Please avoid Isiah Thomas at all costs. If he calls, tell him it is the Cubs' front office and hang up. The man is a curse.