Cavs Bench or Magic Bench: Who Has the Edge?

Ashton JamesContributor IMay 20, 2009

Bench players are a main key to success for a team to win. Having a sixth man playing just as well as a starter is what every coach wants. When a starter gets in foul trouble it's up to someone off the bench to come through for the team.

Cleveland's Bench

Cleveland's bench includes: Joe Smith, Aleksandar Pavlovic, Ben Wallace, Daniel Gibson, Tarence Kinsey, and Wally Szczerbiak.

The Cavs bench has been there all season long. They play up to their potential and give the star players valuable rest. These players have solid experience in the playoffs and should be ready when needed.

Orlando's Bench

Orlando's bench includes: Duke alumni JJ Redick, Mickael Pietrus, Anthony Johnson, Tony Battie, and Marcin Gortat.

Orlando's Bench showed everyone that they can do damage too. When Jameer Nelson went down and before Rafer Alston came back to the game, the bench held their own when everyone thought it was over for the Magic. Unlike Cleveland, Orlando's reserves have won big games for them when star players were not performing.

And I Give the Edge To...

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I give the edge to Orlando, but only by the slightest margin.

Marcin Gortat has been playing excellent down low. Like I said earlier, if a star such as Dwight Howard gets into foul trouble, Gortat will definitely pick up the slack.

They also have very nice outside deadly shooters. Cleveland's bench gives no threat to opposing teams unless the starters worked a 20-point lead and the reserves came in the game and added to it.

If the Cavs main stars, such as LeBron James and Mo Williams, have bad games their bench will have nothing to feed off of. Orlando's bench is used to being put in bad situations but also putting the team in good ones.


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