Report: WWE Officials High on Diva Eva Marie

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 29, 2013

Eva Marie (photo from
Eva Marie (photo from

Per a recent report, WWE is high on new Diva Eva Marie. They see big things in her future, even if she isn't the best technical wrestler around.

Right now, the company thinks all it has to do is find the right role for her.

As WrestlingInc, via F4Wonline, notes:

People within WWE have acknowledged that Eva Marie comes off on TV like a star, whether she can wrestle or not. The idea is they have to figure out a role for her.

WWE management being so firmly behind the star isn't truly a shock.

Eva Marie, a performer on E! reality show Total Divas, is, simply put, gorgeous. She's got the cover-girl looks the company seems to overwhelmingly prefer in its women.

The 29-year-old has an impressive modelling portfolio, too, having appeared on the cover of magazines like Maxim, Glam Fit and Iron Man

Maybe the company sees her as the new Torrie Wilson or Sable? A hot woman who can get over the crowds and appeal to the mainstream, despite not being capable of any decent matches.

The problem is that, apart from her looks, Eva Marie doesn't seem to have much to offer wrestling.

Total Divas has already chronicled her hilariously inept attempts to wrestle. It would be unfair to flat-out say she's never going to be a good in-ring performer, but it doesn't look too good at the moment.

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And for all the talk of her "star quality," she doesn't really stand out much on the show.  Along with JoJo Offerman, she seems to be an after thought on the programme, something A.J Lee drew attention to in her now-famous shoot promo on Raw a few weeks ago.

And the less said about the Diva's promo skills, the better. I'll let this unintentionally funny clip of her trash talking and slapping Jerry Lawler speak for itself. 

Is WWE right to have faith in Eva Marie? Or is she simply another doomed-to-fail model in the Ashley Massaro or Christy Hemme mold?