#Henrying Goes Viral: Thierry Henry's Goal Celebration Gets Photoshop Treatment

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterSeptember 20, 2013


Thierry Henry has gone viral, following in the footsteps of NFL star Tim Tebow and golf's Jason Dufner, after fans started messing around with his goal celebration for the New York Red Bulls.

So first things first: What is Henrying?

Where Tebowing was getting down on one knee and praying, and Dufnering was more of a slouch and sit, Henrying is leaning with arm on hip after a job well done.

You would have thought that after winning just about every major title in football, the 36-year-old would be able to rest on his laurels—as it turns out, it becomes an internet meme even when he does.

According to Sports Illustrated, the celebration has become an Henry staple in recent weeks (or that he's done it twice, and that it's now a trend).

The folks at KickTV came up with the meme concept, and have explained it handily for you here:

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The result was a series of somewhat impressive feats of Photoshopping, and we've picked out a few of the best below:

#Henrying pic.twitter.com/BKN3yptf4Y

— AFC Fisher (@AFC_Fisher) September 19, 2013

Thierry #Henrying like a #WreckingBall #Miley #RBNY pic.twitter.com/fePWWn1p9h

— Michael Milberger (@mmilberger) September 19, 2013

"Diego, chill. I got this." #Henrying pic.twitter.com/415LhBms2B

— Samuel (@samuelj29060) September 19, 2013

He's had enough. #Henrying pic.twitter.com/s1Kw9R8E6n

— Major League Soccer (@MLS) September 19, 2013

#Henrying he was there. Knew it. pic.twitter.com/z3kgrR4Xpo

— Özil.11. (@StewartM23) September 19, 2013

#Henrying pic.twitter.com/FGvjAkwe7n"

— LÜCA AFC (@mishal771) September 19, 2013
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