The Best Sports Memes of All Time

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 17, 2013

The Best Sports Memes of All Time

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    While a picture may be worth a thousand words, the perfect meme can rack up a million LOLs. 

    Like pictures, the best memes are moments in life that transcend themselves and take on a whole new meaning. Unlike traditional art, however, these things don't sit still.

    Thanks to strange and creative minds from all across the Internet, memes start at square one and continue to change, reinventing themselves and becoming more amusing as they go down the line.

    The following are some of the best sports memes out there. They've circulated the web, made the rounds and I think it's high time these beautiful works of high art received some recognition.

    These are the 15 Best Sports Memes—because I spend my time wisely.

15. Pizza Rolls

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    Kevin—have I ever told you your mom is the coolest?

    Seriously, after a long day #grinding on the Razor scooter, is there anything better than some hot Totino's in your mouth?

    Critics say "no."

14. Mo Farah Running from Things

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    Mo Farah ran away with gold medals in the 10,000 meter and 5,000 meter at the 2012 London Games.

    Naturally, the Internet took the pictures of his victory face and said, "Alright, Mo. Let's see you outrun an army of oppressed Scottish Highlanders." 

13. The Boshasaurus Rex

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    It was born on Pangea, but things have shifted a bit in the last 200 million years.

    The Boshasaurus Rex has finally settled in modern-day South Beach, where it feeds and prowls the hardwood looking for interviews to photobomb.

12. 'Eternal Stare'

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    If you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you.

    This bearded man recently gazed into the eyes of sports fans across the nation, photobombing Erin Andrews with an "eternal stare" that will haunt your every dream and waking hour.

    Give him a look, but don't fall in.

    GIF via @CJZero

11. 'Boom Goes the Dynamite'

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    It has its own Wikipedia page.

    Think about that the next time you use Brian Collins' "Boom Goes the Dynamite" catchphrase. The amateur college news anchor nervously coined the phrase in 2005 while blundering through a murderously awkward recap of a Pacers game. 

    Video of the spectacularly awful broadcast has accrued over eight million views, making Collins a pioneer in early YouTube fail videos and earning him a role in the upcoming film The Chronicles of Rick Rollstarring—among other YouTube sensations—Antoine Dodson.

10. 'Dufnering'

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    Dufnering isn't an act as much as it is a lifestyle.

    Jason Dufner—inventor of Dufnering—began Dufnering in March 2013. The act involves slumping against a wall and looking like you just ate a big can of potted meat. As you can see from this photo of Dufner with the Duck Dynasty cast, the move has picked up a bit of steam.

9. Scalabrine to the Rescue

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    Everyone chill out—Scal's got this.

    No matter what needs doing, Brian Scalabrine is your man for the job. Derrick Rose goes down? Give Scal the rock, because he's about to run point. Need someone to baptize your kid? Scal isn't ordained, but he'll give him a dunk.

    The Scalabrine rescue meme is about keeping calm and getting (bleep) done. If that means Scal has to pull Geno Smith out of the game and step under center himself, then so be it.

8. 'Sad Simba' Support

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    Whenever a star athlete goes down with an injury, there will be a sad fan who shares their angst with the world through the majesty of Photoshop.

    Sad Simba is sad, and he just wants you to get up.

7. The 'Manning Face'

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    A Bill Simmons original creation, the "Manning Face" is exactly what it sounds like.

    Whenever Peyton's pass ends up in a defender's hands, there will be Manning Face. If Eli coughs one up in the backfield—Manning face

    It's a look that hangs somewhere between frustration and disbelief, and it's become a descriptor to describe quarterback pout-faces across the NFL.

6. 'McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed'

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    The crown jewel of Olympic sports memes, McKayla Maroney's face after winning the silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics was a tapestry of disappointment.

    Simply put, Maroney would deal with silver if she had to, but she wanted her Oompa Loompas nowdaddy.

5. Eli Manning Looking at Things

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    What started as a simple shot of Manning assessing storm damage in his apartment has transformed into "Eli Manning Looking at Things"—a meme that is one of the dumbest, most pointless and juvenile things you will ever see on the Internet. 

    And I love it. I love it dearly.

4. 'Pacman Knockout'

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    Oh, come on guys…that's just…aw, jeeze…

    Manny Pacquiao was put to sleep by a Juan Marquez counter during a bout in 2012, and the Pacman ended up falling onto the canvas like a sad wrestling mat.

    People have been Photoshopping his limp form ever since, to ROFL-ish reviews.

3. Smokin' Jay Cutler

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    The man, the myth, the meme.

    Jay Cutler may be the most peculiar enigma to ever grace Chicago sports. There are so many strange emotions that Chicago fans feel for this man, all of which have culminated in "Smokin' Jay Cutler."

    While a simple concept, this meme somehow manages to illustrate almost every emotion and opinion Chicagoans have when it comes to J-Cutty—mainly that he's an apathetic and unintentionally hilarious human being.

2. Yao Ming 'B**** Please' Meme

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    Yao Ming's "(Bleep) Please" face is the meme that keeps on meme-ing.

    It all began in 2009 when Ming sat down for a postgame press conference alongside teammate Metta World Peace. Peace (then Ron Artest) was joking with reporters and made Ming laugh. The moment was caught by a photographer and uploaded to the Internet, where it inspired a "Rage Face" cartoonist to doodle the reaction.

    The rest is history.

1. 'Cigar Guy'

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    Who is this man? What are his goals in life? And how can I become his best friend?

    All sorts of thoughts flood into your mind when you first see "Cigar Guy," a.k.a. Rupesh Shingadia—a London man whose goofy fake mustache and cigar took the world by storm when his picture was incidentally snapped at the 2010 Ryder Cup.

    The incredible photograph was snapped a fraction of a moment before the photographer's camera was splashed by a Tiger Woods chip, and instead of that being the story, the topic of discussion was this crazy Groucho Marx lookalike with a cigar in his mouth.

    According to the Daily Mail, Rupesh was attempting to pay homage to Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez with his strange ensemble, and Internet users around the world began Photoshopping him into just about every scenario imaginable. 

    Bravo, Cigar Guy. I don't know what you're doing know, but I want you to stay golden. Also, don't take the cigar out of your mouth. Ever. 

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