Power Ranking the World's Top 10 Kits

Tom Sunderland@@TomSunderland_Featured ColumnistSeptember 10, 2013

Power Ranking the World's Top 10 Kits

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    Life is a catwalk, and the football stage among the most judgmental environments of all.

    While different theories exist as to just what effect a playing kit in fact has on performance, there's no doubting that if one's going to go about their season, they might as well do it in style.

    Scouring the world's uniforms on both the club and international level, sides from just about every continent have managed to worm their way into this rundown of the globe's best.

    Of course, opinion will always be divided on a matter such as this, so please give us your suggestions in the forum below.

10. Al Ahli Home

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    One of the major players in the United Arab Emirates' Gulf League, it's no surprise to see that Al Ahli can afford to splurge slightly on the kit which they play in.

    Nicknamed The Red Knights, Cosmin Olaroiu's side have chosen to go for an incredibly simple design this year, with a powerful crimson being the main focus of the shirt, touched up nicely with white trim.

    What's also quite attractive is the modern collar design, overlapping any would-be buttons and making for a more streamlined aesthetic.

9. Boca Juniors Home

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    If something's not broken, don't fix it.

    That would appear to be the approach Boca Juniors have taken with their 2013/14 kit design, only improving slightly the classic look that has done the Argentine giants proud for so long.

    Blue with their distinct yellow hoop around the belly/chest region, Nike's retro design has once again added yellow trim to the collar and sleeves compared to last season's.

    The new BBVA Frances sponsorship also makes for a much less commercial design.

8. Netherlands Away

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    For some decades, the Netherlands' insistence on sporting the colours of their national flag has always provided a stark contrast to the more vibrant orange they're known for.

    This year again sees Louis van Gaal's men wearing a red, blue and white design, and yet again Nike have managed to keep things interesting enough that it seems brand new.

    However, Holland have now become the first team to popularise the "non-sash." Instead of adding a shoulder-to-waist third colour, the red and blue simply act as signals of where the shirt's base white colour begins and ends.

    The kit would appear to have done van Gaal and his men some good in 2014 World Cup qualifying so far and could well be seen in Brazil next summer provided they maintain current form.

7. CF Monterrey Away

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    Going with a chequered look is undoubtedly among some of the riskiest choices one can take when thinking about team colours.

    However, Liga MX side Monterrey make it work and then some with this white-on-grey approach, so at least they've looked dazzling while going through some pretty unsavoury league form.

    As is the case for two other Mexican outfits, Bimbo are sponsors of La Pandilla (The Gang), and their logo doesn't encroach on an otherwise fun look.

6. AS Roma Home

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    As one of Serie A's oldest clubs, it's only right that Roma take it back to the old school side of things every now and then, which is precisely what they've gone for this term.

    Obviously maintaining the maroon/orange dynamic that's so engrained in the club's history, what's best about this season's kit is the unbranded look that was taken.

    Dropping previous suppliers Kappa through a legal dispute, the Italian giants will begin a 10-year relationship with Nike next season, per Eurosport, but aren't exactly struggling with this simple, attractively collared kit.

5. France Away

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    Just about far enough from their home colours to warrant being called a kit variant, France's light blue number serves as testament to just why they're largely looked upon as fashion innovators.

    Les Bleus' maintain some sense of patriotism with the red, blue and white armbands on the sleeves, but have stayed simple for the most part and to grand effect.

    The modern touches of what look like perforations on in the rib area presumably serve as some sort of scientific advance, but as far as we're concerned are just something extra that's nice to look at.

4. Benfica Home

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    Combining classic nuance with a modern flavour, Benfica's 2013/14 kit is simply a Portuguese delight.

    The Eagles unsurprisingly stick with the club's recognisable crimson as their uniform staple, but round off the look beautifully with some signature white Adidas stripes down the arms and a lick of black trim for good measure.

    What's also subtly unique about Benfica's latest strip is the faded eagle design protruding from the right shoulder, specific to the Estadio Da Luz club and its history as a whole.

3. Lille Alternate

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    Regardless of how Lille fare in Ligue 1 this season , they're bound to look good come May 2014, especially if they get to bust out this third kit number on occasion.

    Generally speaking, third kits don't make their way onto the pitch all that often, which is a shame considering this black and yellow kit is particularly delicious.

    As well as advertising the Partouche logo in major fashion on their stomach, the 2010-11 French champions have added a much more subtle shoulder decal.

    Yet again, Nike is the entity behind this ninja-esque ensemble.

2. PSV Home

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    Celebrating their 100th year as an organisation, PSV Eindhoven have chosen to step away from their usual red and white stripes and have opted for a much simpler design this season.

    Tailored with an aesthetically pleasing white collar and the gold touches that their centenary deserves, the 2013/14 uniform is a perfect blend of vintage tradition and new flair.

1. River Plate Home

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    Like the aforementioned Boca Juniors, River Plate are a club steeped in rich Argentine history and have a distinguished look to match it.

    As ever, the club have decided on their simple formula with white featuring a red sash, with some modern touches added in for good measure.

    The collar and sleeves have been touched up with red trim while the black Adidas stripes and sponsor contrast the more vibrant visuals expertly.

    What's more, the sash (most recognisable on the River Plate brand) features a tribute to the club spending 75 years at the Monumental, their home stadium.

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