Spell Checking Fails: Breaking Down Worst Typos in Sports

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 3, 2013

Spell Checking Fails: Breaking Down Worst Typos in Sports

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    In a world dominated by record-breaking performances, wonderful feats of athleticism and extreme physical exertion, spelling can be the toughest task of all. 

    ESPN's Darren Rovell spotted the latest sports spelling gaffe emblazoned on cups given out by the Fighting Irish this weekend. 

    Well, we should say the "Figthing" Irish. 

    Please don't hang your collective heads, Notre Dame. These things happen—a lot. Here is just a sample of the most egregious and altogether hilarious typos in sports at the moment. 

    This spelling stuff isn't as easy as it seems. 

'A' for Effort

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    South Carolina was so close to winning both its season opener and the spelling-bee portion of the proceedings. 

    Instead, it fell a vowel short when it came to kicker Elliott Fry's jersey. The young man was 2-of-2 on kicks, so it seems that "A" isn't all that necessary anyway. 

Permanent Spelling Error

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    The Milwaukee Bucks' Larry Sanders was so jazzed about his recent tattoo that he posted a picture of it to his Instagram feed

    We are certainly glad he did, because we can now enjoy the hilarity that is knowing he has "Receive" permanently misspelled on his hand. It's "I" before "E" except after "C," unless you want a picture to go viral on the Internet. 

That's Actually Pretty Catchy

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    As Uni Watch's Paul Lukas spotted back in 2009, a couple of Nationals stars went onto the field as "Natinals" players. 

    I still say Natinals has a far catchier ring to it than the team's actual name. 

Still Sounds Painful

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    Take all the time you need with that herniated private area, Baron Davis. 

    Some of you might remember the time The Charlotte Observer attempted to recap Davis' herniated disc, but instead noted something far more gruesome. 

Notre Dame Fights Spelling

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    As previously noted, this rather creative spelling of the word "fighting" made its way onto cups for Notre Dame's Week 1 game against Temple this season. 

    As ESPN reports, the university will fix the mistake by the next home game, which means some of you lucky enough to have ordered a 50-ounce drink have quite the rare keepsake. 

College Seemed Short Anyway

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    Remember the day the letter "L" nearly took over the world, swallowing up words like some literary version of The Blob?

    As Deadspin spotted earlier this year, officials at the College World Series got a little too happy with one letter and made "college" far longer than it needed to be. 

The Los Angeles Angees of Anaheim

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    ESPN's Paul Lukas reminds us of the most memorable moment from the brief career of one Adam Riggs. Back in 2003, he sported an Angels jersey that was far more adorable than any of his colleagues' threads.

    Riggs only had three home runs in his career, but we are willing to give him one more for rocking this unforgettable jersey.

'Cincinnati' Always Had Too Many I's

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    This one actually makes the eyes hurt. 

    Back in 2005, Aaron Harang went to the mound missing a vital "I" on his jersey. As Free Republic reported at the time, equipment manager Rick Stowe owned this gaffe immediately after. 

Give Me an 'A'

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    To be fair, there are a lot of correctly spelled words on this banner. Unfortunately, a group of spirited Alabama high school cheerleaders mixed up their vowels in the word "responsible."

    A hat tip to Busted Coverage for reminding us the bigger the banner, the funnier the typo. 

Correct Spelling Is Just Gray-V

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    We simply had to show you one more blunder from Lukas, because this is really how Navy needs to be spelled from here on out. 

    We can't wait until they play "Armee."