20 Songs to Associate with Manchester United

Max TowleAnalyst IAugust 28, 2013

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - MAY 13:  Fans show their appreciation outside Old Trafford during the Manchester United Premier League winners parade on May 13, 2013 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It's only when you watch other sports that you appreciate the musical inventiveness in football.

The game's chants are the best, either in terms of creative humour or sheer adrenaline-pumpingness.

Manchester United are no exception to this rule.

Over the course of the history of the club the Old Trafford crowd has belted some absolute classics.

This article will bring you 20 songs to associate with the Red Devils.

Bear in mind though, some have never been sung by fans, rather the title or artist shares a special link with the club.

1. We Are the Champions (Queen)

It may be because this song has been blasted out so many times at Old Trafford after a title win that it is most associated with the Red Devils.

It is a classic tune. One that gets the blood pumping and the juices flowing.

2. We Want Our Trophy Back

One has to laugh at Manchester United fans' sense of ownership of the Premier League title that it is "our trophy."

This one doubles as "We Got Our Trophy Back" when the side is successful.

3. Red Flag Flying High

A more sombre song associated with the tragic fate of the Busby Babes.

The Munich air disaster in 1958 ripped the core out of what could have been the greatest team ever assembled at that time.

4. Lift It High (All About Belief)

OK, hands up, I bought this single when it was released in the wake of the 1999 side's Treble-winning season.

But for a track sung by professional footballers, it's not actually that bad... alright, it is.

5. The Best (Tina Turner)

I can't remember this song ever being played at Old Trafford, but it certainly encapsulates the greatness of the club.

Perhaps including it here is a bit arrogant, but hey, this is Manchester United. It doesn't get any better.

6. United Calypso

This one is another vintage from the Manchester United vault.

The lyric "The type of football, second to none, 'cos they're at the top of Division One!" dates it a little though.

7. This is the One (The Stone Roses)

The Stone Roses are one of the greatest bands to come out of Manchester.

This song, taken from their self-titled album, is often played at Old Trafford before games.

8. Who Put the Ball in the Germans' Net?

There are many songs dedicated to the Treble-winning side and its specific players.

This one was penned for a certain Norwegian striker. Who put the ball in the German's net? Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, that's who!

9. Giggs Will Tear You Apart

Sung to the tune of Joy Division's classic "Love Will Tear You Apart," this one remains a firm favourite of the Old Trafford faithful.

Which is ironic, because Ryan Giggs hasn't torn defenders apart for a while now. He lets his passing do the talking.

10. Run this Town (Jay-Z)

Why not include a Jay-Z song? After all, the Red Devils do run this town... Manchester that is.

For all the bitterness involved between United and City, why not adopt this recent hit just to rub it in the blue half's face.

11. Stars (Simply Red)

Mick Hucknall may not exactly be top of the pops at the moment, but his band Simply Red was quite popular back in the day.

A die-hard Manchester United fan, the pop singer even named his act after the colour of the club's shirt.

12. Ooh! Aah! Cantona

I will never forget my first United game and hearing this sung by 5,000 passionate away fans at a game at Selhurst Park.

It may not have the snappiest lyrics, but it's pure simplicity makes you want to stand up and join in.

13. Glory, Glory, Man United

Is this the song best associated with Manchester United? In my opinion, yes.

Almost every fan knows the words and the tune. It is a bold exclamation of one's love of the club. Put the lyrics on my gravestone.

14. Champion (Kanye West)

Alright, the inclusion of Kanye West's 2007 hit "Champion" is a wee bit tenuous.

But the line "So if you gon' do it, do it just like this" just spoke to me. United are British football's trendsetters, after all.

15. Are You Watching Merseyside?

What makes this song all the more special is the fact Sir Alex Ferguson belted it out with fans celebrating the team's 2011 Premier League title win, documented here by the Manchester Evening News.

It was written in the wake of United toppling Liverpool as the country's No. 1 team. Nothing much has changed since then.

16. We All Follow United

Another tried and true classic that every budding United fan must know before his or her first trip to Old Trafford.

Fans can sometimes sing it up to and above 20 times in a row just to drive home the point.

17. Fergalicious (Fergie)

I may be admonished in the comments section for this, but why not include a song by Sir Alex's namesake.

To quote Fergie herself, are United not "Fergalicious?" Now I suppose they're "Moyesalicious." Doesn't really work, does it?

18. When The Reds Go Marching In

Just swap "Saints" with "Reds" and you've got one of the most popular terrace chants.

The only downside to this one is that Liverpool fans regularly sing it too. How about a one-match playoff to determine permanent ownership?

19. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Starship)

Like "Fergalicious," this song has very little to do with United except the name itself.

The lyric "And we can build this thing together, standing strong forever, nothing's gonna stop us now," speaks about what the Red Devils are about though.

20. Take Me Home, United Road

I may be in the minority on this one, but I find this reworking of John Denver's "Country Roads" mind-numbingly annoying.

It is catchy I suppose, in an I can't get it out of my head sort of way... oh who am I kidding, I love it.

What other songs might you associate with United?


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