Golden State Warriors: The Best Team Ever To Miss the Playoffs

Chris Radez@@ChrisRadezSenior Writer IApril 11, 2008

It would take nothing short a miracle for the Warriors to find themselves in the playoffs.

With three games left to play, they're only one game out of the eighth seed. However, the Denver Nuggets claimed the tie-breaker advantage over them on Thursday by defeating them 114-105 in front of a sold out crowd of believers.

It's going to take more than believing at this point.

With that being said, the fact that this team is going to miss the playoffs is absolutely ridiculous. If they win their last three games, they will finish the season with 50 wins. How in the world can the NBA allow a 50-win team to go home without a playoff berth?

Put them in the Eastern Conference, and they're looking at the number four seed, with plans to play Cleveland in the first round.

I honestly can't say that the Cavs or any team below them in the Eastern Conference standings would be able to beat the Warriors in a seven-game series. Orlando probably wouldn't even be able to hang with them.

We won't be able to put that theory to the test though. Golden State will be watching the Atlanta Hawks from their couches.

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Earlier in the season, I wrote an article about how the regular season structure could change to make things more interesting.  Changes in the playoffs can improve the game, as well.

Take the top 16 teams in the NBA, and let them battle in the post-season. Give the division winners their due, by allowing them precedence over non-division winners in the seedings, and offering home-court advantage as a result.

If that were the case, the playoff seeding (right now) would look like this:

1. Boston Celtics (60-16)

2. Detroit Pistons (55-23)

3. New Orleans Hornets (55-23)

4. Los Angeles Lakers (54-25)

5. Utah Jazz (52-27)

6. Orlando Magic (49-29)

7. San Antonio Spurs (53-25)

8. Houston Rockets (53-25)

9. Phoenix Suns (53-26)

10.Dallas Mavericks (50-29)

11.Denver Nuggets (48-31)

12.Golden State Warriors (47-32)

13.Cleveland Cavaliers (43-35)

14.Washington Wizards (41-37)

15.Philadelphia 76ers (40-38)

16.Toronto Raptors (39-39)

Golden State would now be looking at a rematch, not only against a team that ousted them from the playoffs last season, but also a team that's currently just five wins better than they are this season, in the Utah Jazz.

Not to mention, we would no longer have any teams playing for the NBA Championship who finished the regular season with a losing record—that makes a whole lot more sense. 

All in all, I think the NBA needs to rethink their structure in order to make the entire process a lot more exciting. 


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