Ahmed Johnson Clears the Air and Kills a Few Rumors

Kris EazAy@KMEzDoesItCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2013

Recently, Tony “Ahmed Johnson” Norris sat down with the BDSIR Network. Norris has been the subject of a great deal of ridicule from the Internet Wrestling Community. Norris said that he feels Vince McMahon is a bigot and McMahon said to him that, if he wanted to, he could see to it that Norris would never work in the wrestling business again.

Norris stated that the fans talking smack about him or “accusing him of being a hater” do not understand what he went through or what he is risking. He stated that he fully understands that he will not be offered a legends deal or an action figure deal as a result of his decision to speak out, but he doesn't care. Norris also noted, for those who have accused him of racism, that he has been married to a Caucasian woman for over 20 years.

The only negative thing Norris had to say about his time in World Championship Wrestling as Big T was that the company was poorly ran because “the inmates were running the asylum." With regard to WCW and why he never got a strong push, Norris said: “I'm no fool. I was fatter than Fat Albert in WCW. I couldn't walk from the ring to the apron without huffing in Puffing.”

He said the only reason he took the WCW job was because his friend Stevie Ray, who he grew up with, asked him to come in and tag with him, and he felt obligated to help his friend. He said WCW was right for not giving him a belt because he was so fat and out of shape. “Had I gotten a belt [in WCW] I would have eaten the belt," Norris said.

When asked why he has laid low for the last few years, Norris admitted that he's been offered money to do shoot interviews, but does not care about profiting from his story and is more concerned with getting the truth out. He believes the critical fans should ask themselves “What does Ahmed Johnson have to gain from this?” 

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Norris also admitted that he lied about his age when he was training for WWE. When asked about his reputation for being injury prone, Norris responded: “For those of you that didn't know, I was already in my thirties when I went to WWF. I lied. I was not born in 1972, or '69 or whatever the Internet says. I was born in 1963. I was already on my way to being an old man. So of course I had some injuries.” He said he had nagging injuries in WWE and he was just happy he was able to last as long as he did, considering his age.

Norris also killed a rumor about his hometown. “I've never even heard of Pearl River, Mississippi. I have never been to Pearl River, Mississippi,” admitting that he is from Lake Alfred, Florida, has spent time in Indiana and currently lives in Houston. “Is Pearl River even a real place?” he asked jokingly.

The whole interview can be heard here.