Roy Hibbert's Google Glass Gives Inside Look at Indiana Pacers' Center Workout

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistAugust 1, 2013

Google Glass may be the next big thing, but even the futuristic technology isn't as big as Roy Hibbert

While this remarkable smartphone/camera/computer was planted firmly on his face, the Indiana Pacers big man gave us an inside look at what his workout is like. As you might expect, there are plenty of mid-range jumpers, dunks and—of course—blocks. 

Ever wondered what being a true seven-footer is like?

If you're like me, standing just 6'0" without shoes, you certainly have—especially if that lack of height hindered your basketball career. And yes, I tell myself that rather than admitting I just couldn't shoot. 

Now you get a glimpse into the world of Hibbert, where swatting away a layup attempt is as easy as throwing down a nonchalant dunk. It's unbelievable how low the basket looks. 

It can't possibly be 10 feet up in the air. Except it is because we're now looking at the hoop from a giant's perspective.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway here is that Hibbert's improvements from mid-range aren't fluky. He thrived stepping outside of the paint and finding the bottom of the net during the postseason, but we were still looking at a small sample size. 

Obviously we're dealing with highlights that the Georgetown product and his camp decided upon showing in the video, but his form still looks smooth. He obviously has plenty of confidence, even with a foreign object attached to his face. 

That's good news for Pacers fans and bad news for the rest of the Eastern Conference. 

So, Google, when can you create technology that doesn't just let me see through Hibbert's eyes, but also lets me be him for a day? I'll be first in line when that happens. 

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