12 Videos of Mascots Getting Destroyed

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 14, 2013

12 Videos of Mascots Getting Destroyed

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    We all love mascots, right?

    They get dressed up in funny garb, dance around and do funny things to entertain the crowd, regardless of the score, and work as the ultimate hype guys for their teams.

    But sometimes, they walk a little too close to the line, getting themselves into some precarious situations.

    As I did yesterday with sideline reporters, I'm showing you some of our favorite mascots getting hit just as hard as the pros, proving that just because you're the nicest, most energetic "thing" in the stadium, doesn't mean you're immune from a beat down.

San Jose Earthquakes Mascot, Q

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    Come on now, don't the dudes standing over the soccer ball know to never have the goalie get shot on by two people at once?

    It didn't appear so, as the Earthquakes were prepping for the ceremonial "First Goal"—which is like the soccer version of the "First Pitch"—when their mascot, Q, got the air deflated from his own balls.

    Seeing anyone go down with both hands over their junk makes me squirm, but it's a little more entertaining when it's a big, blue, furry, whatever the hell Q is.

Billy the Marlin

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    I don't know if we should all be impressed by this window-shattering warm-up pitch by former Marlins pitcher A.J. Burnett, or if we should feel a little scared for Billy the Marlin's life?

    As you hear the announcers say, it appears Burnett was just going for the tire or side of the truck, but letting one rip in the mid-90s is always a little dangerous for the recipient of that ball.

    Luckily for the unsuspecting Billy, it just nailed the glass, and not the back of his head.

Helsinki 2012 Mascot

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    French runner Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad may have captured two silver medals at last year's London Olympics, but he landed gold in the "biggest jerk" competition after shoving a mascot during last summer's European Championships.

    Turns out the dressed-up character was no more than a 14-year-old girl.

    Seeing as this wasn't his first run-in with a mascot, is it safe to say Mekhissi-Benabbad will continue making these guys his enemies?

    Remember, this came after he won, imagine what might have happened had he lost?

Rocky the Mascot

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    When a guy's nickname is the "Round Mound of Rebound," it appears to me that he's probably a lot bigger and stronger than I am.

    So while Nuggets mascot Rocky should be commended for his bravery in egging on former NBA'er Charles Barkley, there's no way in hell he could have thought he'd win a fight against him.

    Seeing that Barkley steps, slaps and sweeps the floor with him, it was an easy decision on who won this one.

Philly Phanatic

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    The Philly Phanatic is widely-respected as one of the more famous mascots in all of sports, but during this baseball game last year he would have preferred to stay out of the headlines.

    Minding his own business just rows behind the first base dugout, the green guy caught a ricocheted ball right to the jugular, causing him to fall backwards into some empty seats.

    I'm guessing the hit wasn't all that bad considering he was quick to play it off and get right back up, but it still couldn't have felt great.

Benny the Bull

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    I'm not sure if Benny the Bull is technically the Father or just the older brother of Lil' Benny, but seeing how bad the inflatable Junior Benny taunts him, he's almost justified in the shot he aims at his co-mascots nuts.

    This one had me rolling after watching it a couple times because, let's face it, who doesn't like a good nut shot—even if it is on an inflatable mascot?


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    Is that Floyd Mayweather Jr. playing for the Indiana Pacers?

    Oh, no, it's just forward David West, who pulled a killer right hook on Cavs mascot, Moondog, during a game last season that K.O.'d the poor pup.

    West apologized for the incident, but the dude in the costume still ended up in the hospital—which may or may not be better than ending up in the pound?

Bucky Badger

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    For any of you out there who might want to criticize a male cheerleader, this video is proof that it might be a bad idea.

    Looking like a regular Bobby Boucher, a Michigan State cheerleader goes ape on the Wisconsin mascot when Bucky somehow lands himself State's "S" flag.

    A cheerleader's flag is like a policeman's badge—you never mess with it.

    Bucky learned that the hard way.

Shasta (Houston Cougars) and the Oregon Duck

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    In one of the more classic mascot battles, these two schools' No. 1 fans didn't quite get along.

    They resorted to making the tackling and bone-crushing hits of a typical football game all about them, and not so much about the players wearing helmets and pads.

    This all started after Shasta began working those push-ups following the Cougars scoring—which is an Oregon tradition—and then the rest, as they say, is history.

    And this wasn't the last time the Oregon Duck would be mixing it up on the field.

Guido, the Italian Sausage

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    Many of us probably remember this little incident that happened 10 years ago in Miller Park between Guido, one of the sausage-racing mascots for the Brewers, and then Pirates player, Randall Simon.

    In the longstanding tradition of the sausage race held before the bottom of the sixth inning, Guido was in a heated battle with his fellow wieners.

    But out of nowhere, Simon took a swing at Guido with his bat, knocking him and another mascot down.

    For his stupidity, Simon got fined $432, was publicly embarrassed and issued an apology.

    Note: Skip to 0:58-second mark for Simon's beat down.

Brutus Buckeye I

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    Being from Ohio, I wouldn't be surprised if these two mascots actually knew each other.

    With the majority of high school kids going to Ohio State, Ohio U, and Miami (OH), maybe the Ohio Bobcat mascot, Rufus, had a vendetta out for Brutus more than just being from the opposing team?

    Who really knows, but one thing's for sure, Brutus seems to win this battle as he shrugs off numerous attempts from Rufus before the OU mascot gets escorted off the field amid boos. 

Brutus Buckeye II

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    After defeating Rufus in the battle of Ohio mascots a couple years ago, it looks like Brutus got cocky with his tackle-avoiding skills.

    He decided to step into the huddle with the actual football team this past spring.

    Bad idea.

    Lining up in the shotgun, he dodges some half-hearted attempts by defenders before linebacker David Perkins decided he had had enough, spearing the mascot to the ground.

    Turns out it was Perkins' lone bright spot for the Scarlet and Gray, as he decided to transfer this summer.

    Warning: Video language NSFW.


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