5 Everyday Starters Who Are Way Past Their Prime

Zak SchmollAnalyst IJune 11, 2013

5 Everyday Starters Who Are Way Past Their Prime

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    Some great players stay in baseball a little bit too long. I entirely appreciate wanting to play the best game on earth for as long as possible, but there does come a point where age begins to eat away at productivity.

    Not everyone can be Julio Franco or Jamie Moyer.

    I am going to point out five of these players for you today. Unfortunately, for each of these guys, 2013 has not been kind so far, and I am not sure that it is going to get better.

Placido Polanco, Miami Marlins

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    As the Philadelphia Phillies fan, I have really come to appreciate Placido Polanco. When he was younger, he had the ability to get on base at the opportune times. Unfortunately, this season he is only hitting .227. He never had much power to begin with, so his offensive attack is severely limited right now.

    He will turn 38 years old in October, so he is nearing the end of what has been a solid career defined by his versatility and ability to get on base.

Chris Young, Oakland Athletics

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    Chris Young is only 29 years old, so I feel kind of odd saying that he is past his prime. However, I seriously believe that his prime came in 2007. He hit 32 home runs that season with a .276 batting average.

    Unfortunately, ever since then his career has slowed down now, and I believe that his .174 average this season illustrates that pretty well. He is still in his prime, so I hope he rebounds, but the trend is not good.

Eric Hinske, Arizona Diamondbacks

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    There was a time when Eric Hinske could be counted on for double-digit home runs. Unfortunately, this season he has only had one in 43 games. His average has also fallen off to .174.

    Last season, he barely played in over half of the Atlanta Braves’ contests, so he must be glad to house more playing time this season. Unfortunately, even though he is only going to be turning 36 later this year, I think that his time as a productive player are slipping away.

Clint Barmes, Pittsburgh Pirates

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    Clint Barmes never hit for a high average, but there was a time when we were hoping that he would develop power. His power has been declining since 2011 though, and without that, he does not offer very much in terms of offense.

    Power hitters are somewhat unpredictable, so I guess that he could get hot and start putting some balls out of the park. However, as of right now, he seems to be in a slump.

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

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    I know that Alex Rodriguez has not set foot on the baseball diamond this season, but we all know that if he was healthy, he would be playing every day.

    However, the fact that he is injured kind of illustrates my point. Everything has been going wrong for him for the past few seasons, and it is kind of sad to see one of the best players of our generation on this type of descent.

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