Ranking the Coolest Cleats of Major League Baseball

Chris Stephens@@chris_stephens6Correspondent IIMay 30, 2013

Ranking the Coolest Cleats of Major League Baseball

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    A lot can be said about a baseball player and his style.

    From whether he wears his socks high or low to his elbow guard, baseball players have certain ways to show their personality.

    Cleats are another thing that shows off their personality.

    Just as the kicks basketball players sport speak of who they are, the cleats baseball players wear gives you insight into who they are.

    Here's a look at the seven best cleats in all of baseball.

7. Bryce Harper

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    Bryce Harper went into last year's All-Star game in style with his golden cleats.

    Maybe is was the fact that he got his golden ticket to the game after all the injuries.

    Or maybe it's just the fact that many consider him the golden boy of MLB.

    However you look at it, Harper played the game in style.

6. Rick Ankiel

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    I'm not going to lie, Rick Ankiel mainly gets props for his selection of cleats because they match well with both the Astros and Mets.

    Ankiel opened the season with the Astros wearing these cleats. The color scheme on them allows him to wear them with a Mets uniform as well.

5. Stephen Strasburg

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    Stephen Strasburg has all kinds of things going on with these cleats.

    The fact that he's wearing high pants and high socks adds to the look.

    Without those two, these cleats would get lost with white from the bottom of the pants leading into them.

4. Johnny Cueto

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    Johnny Cueto's cleats give a simple look where the colors are distinctively on their sides.

    The red swoosh in the middle over a white swoosh looks nice on a black background.

    These cleats remind me of the type of shoes you would wear to the playground when you were a kid.

3. Andrew McCutchen

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    Andrew McCutchen's cleats have to be the best uniform match out of anyone else on the list.

    The yellow bordering, along with the laces, goes well with the black and white.

    It's almost as if you have to pay attention to where the bottom of the pants end and the cleats begin.

2. Adam Jones

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    Adam Jones has a nice camo look to his cleats, giving more of a look that a player for the Cincinnati Bengals would wear.

    However, the camo pattern along the Nike swoosh and along the borders makes it look rather stylish.

1. CC Sabathia

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    CC Sabathia sported the Air Jordan XI Cleat PE on Opening Day.

    It's a nice, sleek look.

    Too bad the game didn't go the way he would have liked it to as the Yankees lost to the Red Sox, 8-2.

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