Brian Davis: A New Voice for a New Fan

Greg EvansCorrespondent IApril 30, 2009

Brian Davis, the voice of the Oklahoma City Thunder, has been a vital piece in the basketball education of Oklahoma.  Through his words, fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder have come to have a greater grasp on what exactly professional basketball is.

Before joining the Seattle/Oklahoma City team, Davis announced for the Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Fire, and Arizona Cardinals. He also served as a CBS sports anchor in Chicago and covered most major sporting events in his time there.

Davis joined FSN Northwest and was soon the host of numerous weekly magazine shows, announcer for local football games, and the Seattle SuperSonics. He seems to have made the transition from the upper Northwest to the central Midwest and his many comments hit home with the Thunder's audience.

Brian Davis brings Thunder fans a great knowledge of the game and he regularly shares this information during game broadcasts and pre and post-game shows. The various segments and comments about the rules of the game have helped a previously basketball illiterate community get a grasp of the game.

If Davis has any flaws, it is that he leaves little room for his color commentator, Grant Long, to throw in those colorful comments. Davis tends to talk about every minute detail of the game, often talking over Long's comments. Brian Davis also tends to force his metaphors and phrases on Long. His "Thunder Money Ball" and other various phrases make it seem like he is trying to hard to coin phrases for this brand new team. Hopefully, with time, these two announcers learn a bit more about each other's tendencies so these overlaps happen less often.

Brian Davis has helped inform the state of Oklahoma on the ins and outs of professional basketball and his insights have been well received by the majority of the state. With a few minor tweaks he can become a household name to all Oklahomans.

* History from NBA.com/Thunder

* Picture from News9.com


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