Ranking Brock Lesnar's 7 Most Devastating WWE Moves

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 17, 2013

Ranking Brock Lesnar's 7 Most Devastating WWE Moves

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    Brock Lesnar's monstrous aura is furthered by the devastating moves he attacks his WWE opponents with in the ring.

    Lesnar doesn't have the varied in-ring toolbox that someone like "The Man of 1,000 Holds" Dean Malenko had, but what he lacks in move diversity, he makes up for in brute force. Many of Lesnar's versions of WWE moves are akin to car wrecks.

    From his limb-tearing submission holds to his awe-inspiring power moves, Lesnar fills his matches with destruction. Triple H is going to have to suffer many of these, some multiple times, when those two collide in a steel cage at Extreme Rules 2013.

    Ranked here by how painful they appear and the damage they have done in storylines, here are Lesnar's most awesome weapons in the ring.

7. Spinebuster

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    Being in Brock Lesnar's grip would be scary enough, but having him hurl you toward the mat on your spine is the stuff of nightmares.

    Lesnar's strength and size makes the move more imposing, but it doesn't land higher on the list because he doesn't hit it with the kind of force he is capable of delivering. The master of the move, Arn Anderson, used to dole out a version that was stunningly powerful. Lesnar's seems slightly more restrained.

    It's impressive that Lesnar can do the move so effortlessly on a man the size of The Undertaker, but he has a handful of weapons that are more impressive.

6. Backbreaker

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    The backbreaker in some hands is an ordinary move that doesn't stand out. When Brock Lesnar delivers it, it looks like a method of torture.

    Watch how high he picks up The Rock before sending him crashing into his knee. He bends Rock's back the wrong way before tossing him to the mat.

    Lesnar's habit of doubling up the move ups its effectiveness. Still, it's not quite as viscerally chilling as the most dangerous items in his repertoire.

5. Belly-to-Belly Suplex

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    The simple belly-to-belly suplex is made fearsome in Brock Lesnar's hands.

    The classic wrestling move has the attacker wrap his arms around his opponent and then flip them over onto their back. With Lesnar's power, the foe looks like he has been catapulted out of a cannon.

    Not only can Lesnar use the move to send someone flying out of the ring, but he is also strong enough to perform it against a man the size of Big Show.

4. Multiple Powerbombs

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    The impact of a regular powerbomb is probably already doubled by Brock Lesnar's strength. He then hits the move in succession, resulting in a move that looks like a concussion waiting to happen.

    Being able to lift a foe the way Lesnar can demonstrates an unnerving amount of power, but Lesnar also seems to add an extra element of viciousness to the move. Watch how aggressively he brings Jeff Hardy to the mat, especially the second time around.

    Double or triple powerbombs are not as bad for one's health as when Lesnar decides to use the move to break down furniture,Β though.

3. F-5

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    Brock Lesnar's most famous move has won him the WWE title and helped him survive a Hell in a Cell battle with The Undertaker. He even defeated a shark with the F-5.

    It's a simple and beautifully violent finishing move. Lesnar begins by hoisting up his opponent onto his shoulders and then whipping them around, sending them face-first to the mat.

    The move looks more vicious at times than others, depending on how the victim lands. His rivals, regardless of their size, have suffered the vertigo and impact the F-5 delivers.

2. Brock Lock

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    The F-5 has won Brock Lesnar more matches than his less-used Brock Lock, but it's this submission hold that looks most torturous. Lesnar twists his foes backward with the hold, curving the spine like a bow.

    Many of Lesnar's power moves produce a gasp from the crowd, but the Brock Lock makes the audience cringe. With as strong as Lesnar is, having him pull at one's limbs in that way can only lead to bad things.

    Had Lesnar used this more and had it done more storyline damage during his tenures, it may have ended up as the top move on this list. Instead, his other destructive submission hold wins out.

1. Kimura

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    Part of what makes Brock Lesnar's Kimura so believable is that it is a real move that MMA fighters use. It's a move that Daniel Puder used to nearly break Kurt Angle's arm. With that kind of reputation, the fact that a man as beastly as Lesnar uses the hold makes it even more frightening.

    Lesnar has kayfabe broken Triple H's arm as well as Shawn Michaels'.

    It's a hold that turns the arm the wrong way, bending, stretching and ultimately destroying it. The F-5 or the powerbomb might get one down for the three-count, but the Kimura can send one to the emergency room.

    It's the move Triple H will have to avoid the most if he wants to end up the victor during their cage match on May 19.


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