Patriot's Draft Shuns USC!

Alan MeisterContributor IApril 27, 2009

OK, so the Pats gave away their All-Pro quarterback Cassel, who was 26 years of age along with their first string linebacker Mike Vrabel to Kansas City for a 34th pick in the draft.

So what if quarterbacks with no NFL experience were drafted in first and fifth in the draft. So what if there are 20 teams that should have given there right arm for such a terrific quarterback like Matt Cassel.

So what if Cassel had a better rating last year the Jay Cutler? It's all OK because with this 34th pick the Pats got, err, what did the get? Patrick Chung, a 5-foot-11 strong safety.

Yes, having giving away their 23rd pick, where that could have gotten USC linebacker Clay Matthews (who will be an All-Pro), they now squandered the chance to get another USC linebacker Ray Maualuga, who also will be an All-Pro linebacker.

Then of course, they passed on taking Kevin Ellision later in the draft. Ellision is a terrific safety, and his skill along with others helped the USC defense be the best in the county, perhaps the best of all time. We know, we have seen these guys play week after week.

Last year, the No. 1 weakness of the Patriots was defense. The five games they loss was because of their linebackers were all hurt and their secondary was non-existent.

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So why not load up from the best defense in the country? No, no, Patriot's fans like giving away their players for "beans" and love a defense that resembles the clarity of a "tea party." Indeed, it seemed Patriots were more content in the draft to "pass" on selecting good players from any school. What were they thinking?

Well it's hard to tell, Kansas City hired new GM Scott Pioli, who was the Pat's VP of Player Personnel earlier in the year. Did the Pat's give him Cassel and Vrabel because he kept quiet during the Belichick affair?

All we know, is that the Pat's don't like players from USC. They prefer lower, less experienced draft choices who can be paid less money. For the Patriots, if a player becomes skilled and becomes one of the best players at his position, it's time to get rid of him. Just look at their history. The only exception is the affair between Tom Brady and Belichick.

Listen Pat's fans. The Jets, Miami, and Buffalo loaded up in this draft. Your team isn't going to make the playoffs again next year.

Alan Meister

Picture Credit: David Bergman/SI


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