Michael Vick Finally Shuts Up Younger LeSean McCoy, Smokes RB in 40-Yard Race

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 2, 2013

Michael Vick is fast. If you wonder how fast, just ask LeSean McCoy, who is far quieter than usual at the moment.

The Philadelphia Eagles safety Colt Anderson piqued Twitter's interest by posting this result recently.

Colt Anderson @AndersonColt

Vick just beat Shady in a 40 yard race. @MikeVick

Wait, what?

I understand Vick is an elusive quarterback who amazes when healthy, but he is 32 years old. Surely a 24-year-old running back who has averaged more than 1,000 yards in each of the last three seasons could beat the old man at a foot race.

Well, that's what Shady thought, too.

NBC Sports' Mike Florio has more behind-the-scenes rumblings from the greatest NFL news at the moment: a 40-yard race between generations.

McCoy had been riding Vick for weeks, calling him “old man” and challenging Vick to a footrace.  Vick had been laughing it off, until today.

Today, Vick had enough.  So he asked coach Chip Kelly if he could accept McCoy’s invitation.  Kelly agreed.

So they lined up and took off, and Vick didn’t just beat McCoy.  Vick smoked McCoy by roughly five yards over a 40-yard distance, and their teammates went nuts.

If you are going to run your mouth, you'd better be damn sure you can make good on your talk, especially if the entire team is witness to the result.

That brings me to the most frustrating point in this story. An entire NFL contingent knew they were about to see a race that had apparently been weeks in the making, and nobody thought to record this on a smartphone.

Perhaps someone out there will prove me wrong and a video will surface. Until then, we can only imagine what this amazing moment must have looked like.

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As for McCoy, he hasn't learned his lesson.

Lesean McCoy @CutonDime25

@ProFootballTalk u serious dont believe it he jumped early...rematch

Someone please explain to the running back that these things end poorly, much as they did for Duncan Meyer, who thought he could beat Jerry Seinfeld in a rematch.

Just take your loss and walk away like a man. And if you happen to get into trouble next season, just pitch the rock to Vick, because he has this running thing down.

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