How to Get 30 Million Dollars in 4.3 Seconds

Mykhal GlassCorrespondent IApril 26, 2009

I know the title of this has you 1 A.M infomercial junkies drooling but, sorry to inform you this isn’t one of those get rich quick schemes. More like an exposition on how not to run an NFL Draft.

Darrius Heyward-Bey came into this years draft as a second round talent with the ability with good combine and pro day work outs to sneak in to the late first round

The position of WR is easy to describe to most anyone willing to know. You see ball' you catch ball with the emphasis being on catching the football. Heyward-Bey on film as fantastic as a specimen he looked he never seemed to have the most reliable hands.

Lets flash back for a minute.

The NFL scouting combine day is here Heyward-Bey says he feels better than he has in a long time. since the end of his college career he has done nothing but train for this day in hope that the better he works out the closer he comes to reaching his goal of becoming an NFL player.

The forty yard dash drill is next the poster child of this event many fans tune in just to see how fast (or slow) these NFL hopefuls can run.

Heyward-Bey takes the stage and even though there are still other drills going on it feels like all eyes are on him as he knells in his track stance and gets ready to run the time he knows he can run.

Mentally he knows he’s the man he can run a 4 flat in his mind now it's time to translate it on the field.

Seemingly just as the signal for him to go lights up so does a warm spot in the a Mad scientist heart.

Al Davis has been in love with speed every since, well ever and a 4.3 From a 6’5” receiver just added to that infatuation.

The pick was met with a lot of boos and blank faces much the way the building looked when the  New york Knicks took Renaldo Balkman in the first round of the NBA draft three years ago.

Though I’m hearing a lot of raider nation are loving this pick I feel this has Bust written all over it nothing against the player, its just DHB at 7? Tell me one intelligent NFL mind that had him higher than the 4th best receiver.

Why ignore all the previous film just because he can run fast.

Come on Mr. Davis this strategy hasn’t worked since Bo Jackson. To get back to the winning raider football many of my generation have never seen Oakland should stop trying to build a 400 meter relay team and Just Win Baby.


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