Tampa Bay Rays' Sideline Reporter's Selfie Captures Baseball Photobomb

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 29, 2013

Taking selfies may be hazardous to your health. 

Fox Sports Florida (h/t Busted Coverage) happened upon an image that serves to remind us that the term "heads up!" is rather useful and should be heeded at all times. 

Here is the Instagram picture taken by Tampa Bay Rays sideline reporter Kelly Nash that clearly features a baseball photobomb, evidence that Nash came so close to getting beaned while taking a selfie. 

Nash, who clearly escaped a sudden knock to the head, had this to offer Fox Sports Florida

I was taking a picture of myself in the seats above the Green Monster during Red Sox batting practice.

Producer Art Dryce had called out "heads up!" a few times while I was taking pictures around the left field section, but none of those balls actually fell close to me, so I took my chances turning my back on batting practice for a picture.

She then provided what may have been her saving grace, stating, "Think the Angels in the Outfield saved me because I brought their DVD with me on the trip? #ThoughtSo" in the following Instagram image. 

As a side note, we really have to applaud Nash for not only owning this movie on DVD, but also for being willing to boast about that fact. #Courage

Then again, I could see how a film with that kind of star power might have magical powers. 

Nash continues with what could have been a much different story. 

My whole family is from Massachusetts, and I knew they would be so excited to see me working at Fenway Park, and when I went to text them the picture I noticed the baseball by my head!

I laughed pretty hard when I saw such a surreal picture that I had no idea I took. I thought, you have got to be kidding me, maybe there ARE really angels in the outfield. I actually brought the movie with me on the trip and had it in my bag at the game.

Art had picked up what we think was that ball and gave it to me after we saw in the photo how close it came to my head.

If you are going to take selfies at batting practice, make sure it's between batters. But if you absolutely must take a shot of yourself, consider holding a copy of the movie featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Danny Glover and Tony Danza.

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