Twitter Reacts to Tim Tebow Cut from New York Jets

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistApril 29, 2013

The New York Jets have released backup quarterback Tim Tebow after just one season with the organization, according to Brian Costello of the New York Post:

Jets head coach Rex Ryan talked to Kimberley A. Martin of Newsday about the release of Tebow:

There is no question that acquiring Tebow was the wrong move for New York in retrospect, but ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell shares just how expensive the mistake was:

After acquiring Tebow and a seventh-round pick from the Denver Broncos in March of 2012 for the Jets’ fourth- and sixth-round picks, the thought was that New York would capitalize on the mobility of the QB and implement a Wildcat-type scheme.

While there is little doubt that Tebow’s throwing mechanics are flawed, the lack of an attempt from the Jets to utilize the raw talent of the backup QB even when starter Mark Sanchez struggled mightily was an absolute joke.

Just as we wondered how unproductive Tebow was with New York, Anthony Scarallo took to Twitter to share the sad statistics:

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While this is a devastating moment for some fans, The Ball Hogs radio show captured this anticlimactic ending perfectly:

This move will undoubtedly bring the poor decision to trade for Tebow in the first place back to the surface, but as ESPN’s Adam Schefter points out, New York is making some major offseason moves:

While some fans may be satisfied by the moves thus far, Al Hughes Dukes has a fever, and the only cure is more quarterbacks:

The release of Tebow has also sent the Twitter world into a frenzy trying to predict what’s next for the polarizing backup QB.

While there was talk about the Jacksonville Jaguars being interested in Tebow last year, GM David Caldwell shot down the possibility (via Despite the lack of interest in a trade, Jason Feirman feels the Jags are still an option and mentions the San Francisco 49ers as another possible destination:

Many fans believe Tebow is good enough to play in the NFL, but radio personality Cliff Saunders thinks the backup QB may find his next starting job in the Canadian Football League:

Another team that has the personnel and coaching staff to take a risk on the enigmatic backup would be the New England Patriots.

As Dylan Gray points out, the groundwork for the signing could already be there with the coaching staff (not to mention Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels took Tebow in the first round while he was the head coach of the Broncos):

Tebow has kept a great attitude throughout this entire process, and he has been rewarded with the chance to hit free agency and see if any team is willing to take a risk on him by helping him turn into a viable player in the NFL.

After leading the Denver Broncos to the playoffs two seasons ago, Tebow proved that he has raw talents that can be utilized by a team willing to work around his shortcomings.

Add in the genuine leadership abilities that can’t be taught, and there will be several teams across the league that will consider taking the risk and signing Tebow.