Derrick Rose: Brother Reggie Says Bulls Star Could Return in 2nd Round

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistApril 28, 2013

Derrick Rose may return to the Chicago Bulls in the second round of the NBA playoffs, according to his brother/manager, Reggie.

Speaking with the Chicago Tribune (via NBC Sports' Rotoworld), Reggie said that Rose is close to 100 percent and could return in the second round against the Miami Heat:

He has been working hard and getting a lot of shots up every day. Most of all, he is getting his mind ready, getting comfortable with his body. I think (his mind) is probably at a good 90 percent now.

Reggie isn't being presumptuous about Chicago advancing past the first round. The Bulls are now up 3-1 on the Brooklyn Nets and appear fated for a second-round date with LeBron James and the Heat.

He is, however, being rather audacious in his assessment of his brother's immediate future. Rose has been cleared to play since March, but he's been reluctant to return until he's mentally ready. Reggie appears to believe that his brother's mind is almost right, but Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau said it was unlikely his point guard would return during the postseason.

Though some would be inclined to believe that Rose's brother would have an inside track on what the floor general plans to do, this is the same brother who ripped Chicago for not making any moves at the trade deadline, insisting that would play a factor in whether Rose returned. 

Has Rose suddenly changed his mind? Perhaps. The Bulls have won three straight games over the Nets in convincing fashion. That could be enough to make both Reggie and Derrick believe there's something more than an early exit to play for.

But is it worth reading anything into Reggie's most recent sentiments? Absolutely not. Rose has been close to returning since the All-Star break. He's been officially able to return since March.

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But he hasn't.

Rose himself could tell us that he will return for the second round, and I wouldn't believe him until I saw him run out of the tunnel in his uniform. That's the kind of roller coaster his year has been.

Everyone, including Rose's own family, has an opinion, and it's imperative we remember not to recognize any speculation as fact—especially from a brother/manager.

Nothing against the man, but he asserted Rose may not return because the Bulls didn't have enough pieces to win, something Rose himself refuted. Now he's changed his tune, and there's really no telling if that's because Derrick has changed his.

Reggie could be telling the truth, he really could. But his evaluation of the situation could also be fabricated or merely a personal opinion—without a trace of fact—or even some combination of both.

Even if his take was an accurate one, it doesn't necessarily mean anything. Who's to say Rose goes from 90 to 100 percent by the second round?

Derrick may return for the second round, and he might not. We just don't know. Everything we've heard up until now has played off that.

Reggie Rose's latest offering is no exception.