Alligator Takes over Zurich Classic, No Golfers Harmed in Making of This Video

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 26, 2013

Never seen a three-legged alligator saunter across the fairway at the Zurich Classic like he owns the place? Well, today is your lucky day.

Yahoo! Sports spotted quite the bizarre image from the tournament going down at TPC Louisiana in Avondale, and it had nothing to do with Rickie Fowler's attire.

As you can see, a three-legged alligator gets loose from a nearby pond and makes his way toward bystanders, who seem to be way cooler than I would be in a similar situation.

I don't care if the gator is missing a limb; he is still terrifying, even on this here computer screen. The moment that one of these pops up on the course is the moment that I hit the clubhouse for the rest of the day, drinking Arnold Palmers with my feet up.

Before we get too long-winded, blogging rule 14, section A, clearly states that any entry featuring an alligator or crocodile must also include a video of Chubbs from Happy Gilmore (some NSFW language).

As for our current gator issue, the announcers exclaim that this a very "real hazard." Um, thank you, Captain Obvious.

Suddenly, that shank into the rough doesn't seem so treacherous, because it's not like a fierce creature is waltzing over to see what your leg might taste like.

This all went down on Thursday when Ricky Barnes opened up a slight lead on the field. The fact that they continued Friday proves that professional golfers are far more courageous than I ever could hope to be.

I once Instagrammed a deer that I spotted on the golf course. Suddenly, I feel far more ridiculous than ever about that pic.

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