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Kyle LanganAnalyst IApril 24, 2009

Less than 24 hours until draft day, Giants fans are feeling like children on Christmas eve, as New York holds ten selections in the draft.

Coming off a season in which they stared off 11-1, New York has shown very few needs to fill, especially after adding Michael Boley, Chris Canty, and Rocky Bernard.

After suffering the losses of Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer, New York is bereft at the receiver position, and will look to fill some needs in their passing game on the 25th and 26th.

The real question in regards to the receiver position is whether it will be filled via trade, or via an early selection. Other team needs include safety, offensive line depth, and strong side linebacker (or future middle linebacker). Let’s examine the ways they can be filled.

Trade up

New York can very easily reach the 14th slot where New Orleans currently sits by trading them theirsecond round back which was acquired in the Jeremy Shockey trade.

At 14, New York Could grab fleet footed wide receiver Darius Heyward- Bey, or any of the three USC linebackers. At 14, Cushing would be the most intriguing option, as he can contribute on opening day and can also play any of the three linebacker spots in a 4-3.

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With Cushing’s skill-set and coachability, he has incredible upside for what is shaping up to be a dominating Giants’ defense. Heyward- Bey, if used properly, can certainly help New York’s running game due to the attention that his speed will demand over the top.

Trade Down

Trade down? Yes. If New York Trades down in round one, then can take advantage of the extra picks and trade up at a later point. Such a strategy could yield up to 4 second round picks.

With those selections, look for Patrick Chung, Clint Sintim, Brian Robiskie, LeSean McCoy, Phil Loadholt, Ramses Barden, Sean Smith, Max Unger, and Eric Wood to be options with any of the second round picks.

Stand Pat at No. 29

By standing pat at 29, New York has plenty of options which include Hakeem Nicks, Brandon Pettigrew, Percy Harvin, Eben Britton, or James Laurinaitis. 29 is one of the toughest spots in the draft to gauge who will be available, but there will be plenty of good players available.

Many feel like New York must deal away some of their draft picks just because they have a lot of them. To those people I say: Jerry Reese has drafted starters in every round for several years now, so imagine what he can do with ten picks. No need to panic in that department.

Trade For Braylon Edwards

This deal is dead, right? Wrong.

The Eli Manning deal was dead two days before the draft as well, Cleveland (like San Diego) simply aired out the fact that the deal was dead because there are no other offers on the table and they need to do everything they can to gain leverage.

New York has a standing offer of a second round and a fifth round pick for Edwards, and will seemingly not budge on that offer. Because no other teams have expressed interest in Edwards to this point.

The Giants hold all the cards and Cleveland is losing leverage by the second. Edwards has not shown up to the offseason program and is being talked about like he is done in Cleveland, even in The Browns locker room.

That said, The Browns will loosen their collars and wipe the sweat off of their foreheads come tomorrow when they field no other offers, and are forced to take New York’s standing offer.

In conclusion, I believe that New York retains their first round pick and will not part with it under any circumstances.

There is something fans must wrap themselves around concerning statements like “GO GET EDWARDS/BOLDIN, WHATEVER IT TAKES!”

Well, New York has $4.15 million available in salary cap money and need to sign rookie draft picks as well as Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning. If someone can tell me where the money will come from, I’ll hear the ridiculous trade possibilities, but until then, hold off.

Anquan doesn’t want out of Arizona because he has an aversion to the sun, it’s because he wants to be paid like Larry Fitzgerald.

The economics of the deal may eliminate the possibility of dealing for a wideout.

If that becomes the case, Hakeem Nicks and Brian Robiskie are the most intriguing options.

Getting one of those two players along with a stud defender and an offensive lineman at premium value will undoubtedly be the topic at hand in New York’s draft room in 24 hours.

In Reese we trust

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