Abry Jones: Video Highlights for Former Georgia DT

Chris Gazze@ChrisG_PITCorrespondent IApril 27, 2013

Abry Jones: Video Highlights for Former Georgia DT

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    Abry Jones was a top defensive tackle coming out of high school and would eventually develop into a starting defensive lineman for the Georgia Bulldogs.

    Jones had a very good junior season and led all of the team’s defensive linemen with 48 tackles. However, an injury to his ankle last season limited his development.

    While Jones is overshadowed by his teammates Jarvis Jones, Alec Olgetree and Johnathan Jenkins, he is a versatile lineman who will be able to contribute at the next level.

    Here are the top plays from Abry Jones’ college career. 

Tackle for Loss vs. Georgia Tech, 2011

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    Jones had some help on this play against Georgia Tech—or rather Jones provided some help.

    The interior of the defense immediately collapsed the offensive line and met the running back head on, stopping him in his tracks.

    Despite the big hit, the back would not go down and that is when Jones came in unblocked to help finish off the play.

Sack vs. Georgia Tech 2010

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    The quarterback takes the snap and rolls out to the left when he notices three red jerseys ready to pounce.

    Rather than take the hit, he decided to change directions and move back to his left—right where Jones was waiting.

    Jones snuck through the right side of the offensive line to provide backside pursuit on the play and did a nice job changing directions at the moment the quarterback switched from rolling to his right back to his left.

    With nowhere for the quarterback to go, Jones moved in and made the sack, much to the delight of his teammates.

Sack vs. Vanderbilt, 2012

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    Jones rarely picked up sacks at Georgia, which makes this particular sack all the more impressive.

    The most impressive thing about the play was not the sack itself, but rather what Jones did off the snap. He immediately beat two offensive linemen to contain the quarterback who was scrambling to his right.

    Jones then changed his direction to allow a lineman to run right by him as the quarterback began to scramble the other way. Now with the pocket disappeared, he was able to attack the quarterback.

    With nowhere to run, Jones was able to reach the quarterback and help his teammates pick up the sack. It was a very athletic play for the big defensive lineman.

Sack vs. Florida, 2011

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    Georgia was having its way with Florida’s offensive line, sacking John Brantley six times on the day. Jones decided to join the party late in the first half.

    Down by seven with the Gators driving, the Bulldogs needed a big defensive stop before the half and that is exactly what Jones provided.

    Jones used a combination of speed and power to run by the right guard and bring down Brantley with one hand.

Big Game vs. Vanderbilt, 2011

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    Georgia’s game against Vanderbilt in 2011 was one of Jones’ best games of his career.

    Though he did not record a solo tackle, Jones was credited with four assists, a stop for a loss, half a sack, three passes defended and a forced fumble (h/t Sports-Reference.com)

    In a sequence of four plays throughout the game, you are able to see the impact that Jones can bring.

    In the first play, Jones spied out a short pass attempted and was able to swat it down to prevent against a short gain.

    On the next play of the sequence, Jones came right up the middle to apply pressure to the quarterback’s face. This pressure was enough to force the quarterback into an interception.

    The third play shows Jones coming from the backside to pick up an assist on a loss of yardage.

    The final play was one of the most impressive by Jones. He came across the line of scrimmage and got his hands in the way of what would have been a completed pass.

    Jones may never be a star at the next level, but it's plays like these that demonstrate that he can do a little bit of everything to help a defense.

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