A New Solution to the Cleveland Browns Quarterback Dilemma

Cory HolibaughCorrespondent IApril 24, 2009

ORCHARD PARK - NOVEMBER 17:  Quarterback Brady Quinn #10 of the Cleveland Browns looks to the sidelines during the game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium on November 17, 2008 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by: Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

The talk about the Cleveland Browns quarterback dilemma is starting to take its toll. All the "experts" going back and forth with Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn.

The fact of the matter is that the talks won't stop until week six of the NFL season is over, or a move is made.

Here is a smart move that will finally end the talks and get the Browns (fans) what they want.

The first move would be to trade Derek Anderson to whomever they can. The Detroit Lions, the New York Jets, the San Fransisco 49ers, etc. Anderson could get a third-round pick, and maybe even a second if he's lucky.

With Anderson out, the Browns would head into the draft with Quinn as their QB and nobody else. Forget Matthew Stafford, forget Mark Sanchez, just forget it.

The Browns should then draft a QB with either their fourth-round pick (104 overall), their seventh-round pick (177 overall), or a pick added at some point in the draft.

A player like New Mexico State's Chase Holbrook would be great. He has great size and bulk 6'4" and 242 pounds, with plenty of experience. He is a hard worker and a team player, something that the Browns need.

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Playing behind Quinn and Grossman could give him time to learn and be bred into a good NFL QB. Not saying the Browns will draft him, just that he is an option.

This moves adds youth and depth to the QB position and gives Mangini a QB of his liking, despite the fact that he is a low round selection.

From this point, the Browns have Quinn and a late-round drafted QB. The perfect player for them to sign in this situation is a solid veteran backup. Unrestricted Free Agent Rex Grossman fits that profile.

If the Browns managed this, their depth chart would read 1. Brady Quinn, 2. Rex Grossman, and 3. Drafted QB.

Now if your the Browns, would you want that plus a second/third-round pick, or Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson?

With an additional pick in the top 100, the Browns would then have four picks in that span. This would make addressing their (defensive) needs a lot easier.

The answer seems clear and these this scenario is a possibility very capable of happening. There aren't any rumors about this but it's something new that makes sense.

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