Lionel Messi Will Buy Your House If You Are Annoying Enough

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 17, 2013

Lionel Messi extended his all-encompassing power beyond the pitch to the real estate market, recently buying the house of raucous neighbors because he had just about enough of their shenanigans. 

Diario Gol (h/t SportsGrid) reports Messi's neighbors became so annoying that he bought up their house and plans on extending his already sizable estate. 

We suggest you consider the same the next time the neighbors blast music at ungodly hours. Instead of bothering police, just phone your real estate agent like a champ. 

Per the report, things started out as amicably as you would hope. The neighbors fell on hard times and couldn't meet the demands of mortgage payments, so they offered to let Messi buy their house. 

When the football star declined, they decided to do the sensible thing and troll the athlete into submission. 

As the Messi family initially refused to buy, ailing owners decided to rent out some of the rooms. That resulted in an awful lot of strangers coming and going around the plush suburb, including around the maestro's property. In addition, that move meant that new tenants started to be nosy, as rude behaviour, such as playing loud music, began to be recorded, resulting in an unease by Messi's immediate relatives. 

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When unlimited funds are at your disposal, you meet loud music and rude behavior with a gigantic wall. Messi began erecting a large divide, but ran into problems with local zoning laws. It seems the neighbors, people who had no issue providing a ruckus, filed an official complaint. 

The Barcelona star didn't want to get into a high-profile legal case, so he decided to submit to the trolls living next door and buy the property.

Here's hoping their next apartment sits by a 24-hour train station. 

But please, hold your tears for Messi, because it seems like he made out just fine in the deal. 

After swooping the bordering property, now the Messi family has set sights on a third dwelling that sits at the corner, which in turn would mean enlarging even further Messi's own estate in Castelldefels.

The report also says the three properties would then cover over two acres in a posh, Barcelona suburb. 

Messi has procured a construction company to refurbish the lot with a revamped pool and the destruction of that ill-conceived wall. 

Let this be a lesson to you. If you annoy Messi enough, he will buy your house and kick you to the curb—just as you requested initially. 

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