The Biggest Loser: Colleges Losing The Best Draft Prospects

Magnus JohnsonCorrespondent IApril 20, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 22:  Quarterback Mark Sanchez of USC drops back to pass the football during the NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 22, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

There are many great prospects in this year's NFL Draft. First rounders in Mark Sanchez, Mathew Stafford, and Josh Freeman highlight the QBs, while Knoshown Moreno and Chris Wells lead the RB pack. But which college lost the best group of prospects to the draft this year? 

USC, as always, is a contender. Sanchez, QB, is USC's draft highlight. With little experience, an exciting prospect with great potential is what a team will get in Sanchez. To go along with that, they have the three first-round LBs. Brian Cushing, Clay Mathews, and Rey Maualuga are three talented LBs, one of them playing on the inside and the other two outside. All four of these prospects are expected to go in the first round, and probably will. 

Another strong competitor is Georgia. Of course, they have a top ten QB in Stafford and the first rounder RB in Moreno. They don't have another first rounder, but Stafford and Moreno are definitely the two best at their position in the draft, making them competitors.

Following Georgia is Texas Tech and Missouri. Texas Tech, of course, is highlighted by star WR Michael Crabtree, a top ten pick. Then they have a highly underrated Graham Harrell and a so-so TE in Rylan Reed. Missouri is highlighted, like Tech, by a WR and QB. Jeremy Maclin is expected to go in the top 10 or 15, and has extreme potential in the NFL. Then, an underrated Chase Daniel is their highlight QB that had a great college career, and could be just as great in the Pro's. 

Who else is in the running, then? Ohio State is a front runner in the competition as well. Chris 'Beanie' Wells leads the pack, expected to go #20 or so, maybe to New Orleans. Then, Malcolm Jenkins shows great potential in the NFL, proving to be the best CB in the draft. James Laurinitus continues the first-rounders and the defensive strength in Ohio State's draft class at LB, followed by Marcus Freeman, at LB as well. Brian Robiskie is a WR that has been considered underrated, but still is expected to go very early second round, or at least first day. There aren't any more highlighters for State, but with a lot of quality players going for OSU, they could be the 'biggest loser'. 

There aren't many more competitors left. Michigan State has Ringer and Hoyer, two sleepers in offensive positions, but do not have enough to compete. Kansas State has QB Josh Freeman, but no other highlight players and only one other player overall. Alabama has Andre Smith, a controversial OT, and Glen Coffee, and underrated RB, but still not enough to compete. 

I Think it's between two colleges, USC and Ohio State. USC has a QB, and OSU doesn't. But, OSU has a RB, which USC doesn't. Each of them have quality first round LBs, but USC has one more. Then, you look at OSU's two quality CBs and WR. Ohio State seems superior in this competition, and they are the 'biggest loser'. 


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