FC St. Pauli Goalkeeper Scores Headed Equalizer in 90th Minute (Video)

Michael Cummings@MikeCummings37World Football Lead WriterApril 2, 2013

You remember St. Pauli, right? Sure you do. They're that hip, cool, counter-culture German club that all the football hipsters used to like. Now that they've all cleared out, you can like St. Pauli, too.

Here's another reason. On Monday night, St. Pauli drew 2-2 at home to Paderborn in Bundesliga 2, the second tier of German football. But this wasn't just any average 2-2 draw. St. Pauli scored a dramatic, late equalizer through—of all players—their goalkeeper.

Trailing the visitors 2-1, St. Pauli won a corner kick in the 90th minute. Goalkeeper Philipp Tschauner raced forward and headed the corner into the net for the tying goal.

The goal appears in the clip above. It's our Set Piece Video of the Day for this UEFA Champions League Tuesday. Enjoy.

If you're like us, you probably enjoyed the English language commentary from Eurosport 2 in the clip above. After remarking that most goalkeepers who push forward really just get in the way of the real attackers, one pundit tells us: "It's a very confusing thing to see two goalkeepers to go up against each other like that."

Then the other chimes in: "Suffice to say, that's his first goal of the season."

Clearly, keepers should venture upfield more often. When they score, everybody really wins.

In this case, though, the draw kept St. Pauli nine points clear of relegation trouble. Unfortunately for us, they're also 23 points off the promotion push, meaning we won't be seeing them in Germany's top flight anytime soon.

More time to practice goalkeeper goal celebrations, right?

(h/t Who Ate All The Pies)


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