Venomous Snakes Take Over Pitch in India

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 26, 2013

Photo of Kalyani Stadium via I-League.org
Photo of Kalyani Stadium via I-League.org

Someone get Samuel L. Jackson on the phone, because we might have an idea for his next movie. 

The Indian Express (via ESPN) reports a bunch of poisonous snakes slithered their way onto the pitch at the end of a recent I-League match. 

The world is just getting used to the sight of soccer being played under extreme winter conditions. Now, we have to make peace with this: 

A dozen poisonous snakes were spotted at the Kalyani Stadium, the venue at which Mohan Bagan beat Arrows 3-2 during an I-league fixture on Sunday.

None of the players or the ball boys were bitten but the snakes were spotted near the dressing rooms and on the field of play after full-time.

Per the report, officials guaranteed that all of the snakes had been wrangled and cleared from the venue. Unfortunately, that doesn't help the sudden feeling of terror we will all have for the rest of the day. 

Some were wondering whether this might preclude Kolkata's Kalyani Stadium as an I-League venue. You know, what with all the killer reptiles roaming the grounds. 

Instead, play will go on as long as officials keep the snakes away from the field, which seems like a reasonable request. 

I-League CEO Sunanda Dhar issued the following statement in regards to a potential stadium ban: 

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"No, we haven't taken such a decision yet. But we have instructed the authorities to take proper measures to ensure that snakes are removed from the premises of the stadium."

Fine, go ahead and let play continue. But if snakes come back onto the pitch, we may have to get the esteemed Mr. Jackson to come in and save the day. 

No players were aware of the snakes while playing. However, some are a bit skittish about a return to the same field: 

The players were oblivious to the snakes. But Bagan and India midfielder Rahim Nabi was wary of playing at the venue again.

"I for one would be afraid of playing there again," Nabi said.

It makes sense, you know, not wanting to play during something that resembles a biblical plague. 

There's nothing like being reminded of our very real fear of snakes. Thanks, India. 


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