Texas' Elvis Andrus Sidelined Due to Complications from 'Elaborate Tattoo'

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 28, 2013

It must be spring training, because we are right on track as far as knuckle-headed injuries are concerned, with the latest being a tattoo fiasco brought to you by the Texas Rangers' Elvis Andrus

According to Gerry Fraley of Dallas Morning News (h/t Hardball Talk), it seems the shortstop was scratched from the lineup on Thursday because of a baseball-related injury—which is my term for an injury that is so bizarre and out of the ordinary that it could only happen to an MLB player. 

Gerry Fraley @gfraley

Elvis Andrus not playing today for Rangers. New and elaborate tattoo caused ``sensitivity'' in left biceps.

Here is the tattoo so elaborate that it got one young man a day off work, via Andrus' Twitter feed

The tat is of the 24-year-old's late father, so there is something very wonderful about the fresh ink. But this isn't about a tremendous sentiment that will be with the shortstop for eternity. 

It's about dumb baseball injuries. 

Applaud the tattoo all you want, because I will join you. At the same time, I will chuckle and shake my head at yet another baseball injury that would never allow the average person to leave work early, let alone get a day off. 

As Hardball Talk reminds us, the first couple of weeks of spring training have had some bizarre maladies. There is this ink-related fiasco and Joel Peralta's sandwich-related gaffe

It seems the pitcher was getting out of his car to get a sandwich and hurt his neck, which is only slightly more embarrassing than the time I pulled my back sneezing in a KFC. 

That's our latest update from spring training, the only preseason in sports where the dangers are far worse away from the field. 

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