Star Alabama Recruit Reuben Foster Gets Caught Napping in Hilarious Sleeping Pic

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 14, 2013

Photo Credit: Lost Letterman
Photo Credit: Lost Letterman

Reuben Foster is one guy we have our eyes on as he heads into the college football landscape. His latest blunder was allowing some pictures of him sleeping to hit the Internet. 

It's one thing to be an amazing athlete with tremendous talent, but quite another to have a vibrant personality that people connect with. 

Foster may be that guy, because he is already making waves and hasn't even played in a college football game.

Lost Letterman came across the following two pictures which feature Foster sleeping during class at Auburn High School in Auburn, AL. 

He isn't just sleeping; he is full-on slumbering. 

According to the report, a classmate took them and now they are here for all you college football fans to savor. 

Of course, it looks like Foster is just playing a little joke. It's one thing to be caught napping during class, but the second photo clearly shows he is in on the prank, unless he is prone to sleeping while standing. 

With that, we like to think he wasn't actually sleeping in class, unlike every other person in the history of the world. Try as you might, you had to have dozed off at least once while getting lectured on the finer points of the French Revolution.

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As Lost Letterman reminds us, the No. 1 linebacker recruit is the Auburn super fan who famously donned an Auburn tattoo, only to commit to Alabama. 

And then, on signing day, the young phenom dressed like his future head coach, Nick Saban

Yes, something tells me the next few years are going to be quite eventful for the player who Rivals ranked as the 13th-best player out of any position in the country. 

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