NBA 2K13: My Career Series You Should Be Following on YouTube

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIFebruary 14, 2013

image from IPodKingCarter Facebook
image from IPodKingCarter Facebook

One of the many great things about the NBA 2K series is its huge and enthusiastic online community.

2K Sports' Ronnie Singh, Chris Manning and a person known only as the NBA 2K Insider are generally the sources for official information, but among the community, a few gamers have taken on star-like personas.

Much of it is due to the NBA2K series' My Player and now My Career game modes.

For those that aren't aware, these modes allow gamers to create and control one player throughout his entire career, earning a spot in the Hall of Fame as the ultimate goal.

The mode has been in existence since NBA 2K10. It has progressed since its inception and gained extreme popularity. It is now one of the most popular game modes in the series.

The YouTube community and the gamers that have captivated audiences with a blend of their personalities and skills deserve some of the credit for this.

They take fellow NBA 2K gamers on their career journey via YouTube. 2K Sports has even recognized a handful of these gamers by inviting them out to headquarters to share an early build of NBA 2K13, to pick their brains and take their suggestions, per Operation Sports.

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If you are a hardcore 2K gamer/YouTube watcher, you've probably heard of the guys in the first group, but continue to scroll through the article to see some of the gamers you may be missing out on.

For those that are new to NBA 2K's YouTube community, take a look at each NBA 2K gamer/YouTuber. Each offers a unique brand of virtual hoops entertainment.

The Heavies


Social Media Stats:

YouTube - 742,000+ subscribers, 237,000,000+ total views

Twitter - 86,000+ followers

Facebook - 103,000+ likes on his fan page

What To Expect From His Videos

Although Chris Smoove does more than just NBA 2K videos (Call of Duty, FIFA and others), the virtual hoops game may be where he gained the majority of his YouTube fame.

His subscriber base on YouTube is enormous. You know you've made it when it's a big deal for you to finally show your face in a video.

Smoove was among the group invited to 2K Sports headquarters to preview NBA 2K13.

Most fans recognize his voice first and foremost. He uses a splash of voice modulation to accent certain points. His My Player plays for the New Orleans Hornets.

As far as skills, he is a simulation style gamer that runs set plays, and brings a solid blend of real basketball knowledge and an understanding of how that should be translated in a video game.

If you're looking to follow one of the pioneers and most successful YouTube gamers, subscribe to Chris Smoove—unless of course you're one of the 742,000 people that already have.

Here is a sample of his work:


Social Media Stats:

YouTube: 90,000+ subscribers, 21,900,000+ views

Twitter: 11,800+ followers

Facebook: 6,500+ Likes

What to Expect From His Videos

IPodKingCarter's channel is almost exclusively NBA 2K, but there is also a splash of other sports games, like Madden

He was one of the most active gamers after the 2K Team Up, and shared some very cool information from his time at 2K Sports headquarters. 

His notoriety on social media is growing constantly on almost every platform.

If you want to see one of the best My Career players, this is where you should look. I'm not going to say he's the best, because there are quite a few great gamers on YouTube, but he definitely brings the skills.

He runs set plays and gives good explanations as to why certain plays work.

There is also the requisite trash talk to nobody in particular, but us YouTubers have to run our mouths—it's part of the entertainment.

Check him out breaking the single game record for assists with the Portland Trail Blazers:

K-Spade the Prospect

Social Media Stats:

YouTube: 40,000+ subscribers, 4,000,000+ total views

Twitter: 6,000+ followers

What to Expect From His Videos

Every YouTuber has their own personality and persona. K-Spade brings you almost all NBA 2K videos, but he does mix in a little Call of Duty and a few other sports games.

The thing to appreciate about Spade's videos is the trash talking.

Something about the way he goes in on his computer opponents makes you think he talks a little bit of trash on the real court as well. He doesn't post as often as some of the other 2K YouTubers, but it gives you a little to look forward to.

I like innovative videos, and this one is a clear example of that. It is only 1:23 long, but it is pretty funny.

Don't think it's all about jokes. Spade is nice on the sticks, and he's popularized the term Rainmaker for his My Player's ability to drain the deep ball.

As you could see from the video, Spade's My Career player plays for the Denver Nuggets.


Social Media Stats:

YouTube: 20,000+ subscribers, 20,000,000+ total views

Twitter: 3,100+ followers

Facebook: 400+ likes

What to Expect From His Videos

Smallz is one of the wildest and craziest NBA 2K YouTube commentators out there.

His current My Career player is some sort of offspring from Brian Scalabrine. His name is Rico Scalabrine, aka "The Baby Mamba," and he plays for the Sacramento Kings.

This series is a spin-off of his Create-a-Legend series, "White Mamba," which is obviously named after the former NBA player.

Smallz does some personal commentary about real sports, and has some WWE 13 videos to add some balance to his channel.

If you're looking for laughs and some solid gaming, Smallz's channel is one you should definitely check out. His latest NBA 2K video shows The Baby Mamba trying to lead the Kings passed the Utah Jazz.

Others You Should Know

Kuda the Superstar

Social Media Stats:

YouTube: 6,400+ subscribers, 650,000+ total views

Twitter: 900+ followers

Facebook: 150+ likes

Kuda is an up-and-coming NBA 2K YouTuber. He does a great job editing and using other video games to create story lines around the sports gaming action.

His My Player's name is Tyler Brooks, and he plays for the Philadelphia 76ers. 

While Kuda is a solid gamer, the best aspect of his videos are the stories he creates. That's the essence of what makes going through a season fun on a sports video game, and Kuda brings that to his subscribers.

YMDTV - Gento

Social Media Stats

YouTube: 23,000+ subscribers, 7,900,000+ total views

Twitter: 1,900+ followers

Facebook: 400+ likes

Gento's channel is almost exclusively NBA 2K. He brings solid My Career gaming, but he also dabbles in commentary about the game itself.

The videos are always crisp and his My Player is Marc Alexander for the Washington Wizards.

One thing that can go unrecognized in this genre is video quality, but Gento's videos always have top-notch visuals and audio.


Social Media Stats

YouTube: 76,000+ subscribers, 12,750,000+ total views

Twitter: 10,200+ followers

Facebook: 3,200+ likes

The only reason QJB isn't in the heavies section is because he's far more than just a NBA 2K YouTuber. He does a ton of Madden videos as well, and his editing skills are among the best of any gaming YouTuber.

He blends in other games (Saints Row, Saw and others) to set up funny and cool scenarios for the sports gaming action.

The music he uses is excellent and genuinely fits the videos perfectly. 


Social Media Stats

YouTube: 8,000+ subscribers, 3,500,000+ total views

Twitter: 350+ followers

Facebook: 166+ likes

This channel is run by yours truly. I'm not ashamed to admit I have a gaming alter ego.

The channel features videos from nearly every sports game under the sun, but of course there is a steady diet of NBA 2K videos.

The My Player I use is Malik Knight, aka MK99 the Prophet.

He isn't quite as gifted as say Ipod King Carter or K-Spade just yet, but he gives entertaining press conferences after every game.

I'm not a master gamer, but MK99 represents the every man—or at least the every gamer.

You'll see the great games and the bad ones. I don't filter out the embarrassing moments. MK99 has come a long way, and now he might just be ready to play with the 

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